Child care hour friendly nursing jobs??

  1. So my experience as a nurse is not very long. I worked for a year in med/surg before we moved to our current location and when we moved I happen to get lucky that my hospital had just expanded their ICU's and were looking to staff them and landed an ICU job that I have worked at for a year now. Don't get me wrong I love the ICU however my husband has to travel a lot and we are so far from our family now that getting my son to and from school and weekend coverage has become an expensive and logistical nightmare at times. My best laid plans seem to all fall apart every time he travels. As of right now I am still not sure who is going to watch our son when I have to work on Saturday. At this point I am just ready to throw in the towel and look for a job that falls within the hours of his daycare. There provides another problem. I can't find any job openings for doctors offices online either at employment websites or at their own web pages. Do you basically have to go door to door and market yourself for these jobs? If you have a dr's office job how did you get it? I just applied with a HHA earlier this week and I am waiting to hear back from them. Any other suggestions? TIA!!
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  3. by   Wave Watcher
    School nurse. We rock! Great hours/days/no holidays/no weekends/summers off and still get paid.
  4. by   FLICURN
    Already checked, no current openings in my county or the neighboring ones. I guess those jobs go pretty quickly!
  5. by   DizzyLizzyNurse
    This is probably a bad time to look for a school nurse job. I'd assume it's the wrong time of the year?
  6. by   hiddencatRN
    Have you considered a private babysitter instead of daycare? Might be more flexible for your schedule.
  7. by   Meriwhen
    Outpatient, partial/day hospitalization programs, ambulatory surgery, clinics, school nursing, and medical practices usually have hours that are more compatible to those with children.

    Another alternative is to sign up for agency/registry nursing where you can have more flexibility to pick your shifts...however, keep in mind that depending on your agency, you may have to meet a weekend commitment every month...but at least you could choose the weekends so they'd sync with your childcare. Also, with agency, your hours are NOT guaranteed--agency are usually the first ones to be cancelled. So if you are depending on getting a certain number of hours every week, you'd be taking your chances with agency.
  8. by   SHGR
    In our area all the hospitals have a network of affiliated clinics, so the clinic openings are on each system's websites mixed in with the inpatient RN jobs. I found my M-F job on our hospital's website when I was looking to move within our system.
    I would also check the adult daycare types of settings.
    Keep in mind that these jobs pay quite a bit less than inpatient, and there is no opportunity for extra shifts or overtime.
  9. by   rksgray13
    I have looked into private nannies and sitters and they seem to cheaper than daycare but i also will put in hidden cameras. If I can link them to my phone that's next. And they cook, clean, do homework, read, everything a daycare does but at your home. Have you considered Home Health field nursing?? VERY flexible for the kiddos. BTW, this sounds like a bountiful franchise to start esp for 12 hr shift parents. I think it would be great for the economy. Not every person can land that m-f 8-5 job with no weekends or holidays. We have some 24 hr childcare facilities here around north MS.