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Hi fellow community, I've held my RN liscense (with a BSN) for a year now. I only have experience in outpatient dialysis clinic. No hospital/acute care once so ever. I have not found a job in the hospital yet. I can barely... Read More

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    SoulSpirit Rn- Is that your purpose in life-to provoke people. Maybe nursing is not the place for you- in front of or behind the desk.! You struck no nerve with me. Trust me. Your attitude is a bit concerning.

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    Quote from kcmylorn
    As for the "arrogant,bitter,self righteous,aged old RN, jealous and sabatoging you-I am on concurranse with ViVA and the others- loose the sence of entitlement and don't hate me because I'm beautiful crap. As I have stated befor and I will state again- There were many older seasoned nurses we all didn't like when we were baby nurses but back then we had something called respect for our elders, and we respected them for their experience they brought to each and every shift we worked with them. We learned the majority of our decisionmaking, 'knowledge bank' and skills from talking to them, LISTENING to them and asking them for their help. We were able to learn what we know now because we had HUMILITY. Save the 'peice out' we are not thugs on the street corner selling crack- I'm not impressed.
    Actually, it's spelled "Peace out." You're correct, we are not thugs on the street corner selling crack, I apologize, I should have said "Good day to you." However, we're also not in grade two and so we should all learn how to properly spell words and formulate paragraphs--but that's another discussion in itself.

    edit: Respect for your elders? Seriously? The older generations will always think that the newer generations are ungrateful swines; it's the cycle of life. Please don't think your generation was any better than the next one and the one after that generation. Cease with the hyperboles lol.

    I don't understand why some posters are so worked up about this. It's like as if they'll continue to go around in circles and go off tangents just to prove you that they're right and you're wrong lol.

    SoulSpirit_Rn, good luck to you. It doesn't hurt to apply to those "desk jobs" and god knows, go wherever your degree and RN lic. take you. Don't settle for less than your dreams and keep applying to wherever your heart desires.
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