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Hello all! This is my first thread on AN and I am asking for any and all advice. I have been an RN for 2 years. I was hired as a new grad at a large regional hospital. As part of the new grad hiring process, I was put into a... Read More

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    Have you considered inpatient hospice? That's what I do, we have the same shifts as hospitals (i.e., no on call, 3 12's) and practice many clinical skills (except IV, which we rarely do). But it's not available in all areas, often you can only do in-home hospice.

    Agree with pp, float nursing is probably more stressful than regular med/surg. Guess which units normally need floats? (Yes, the worst ones of course). That's why the pay it typically better.

    But whatever you do, I wish you good luck. And yes, I would not stay one day beyond the contact period and not sign another one!

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    It sucks having a toxic work environment- lately we have had lack of communication. I find myself getting ******* at and having to pick up the slack in my stations since i float. Our nurses have the worst communication skills at shift change. You should try hospice if your interested.. Your at a point now where you have 2 Yeats solid experience.

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