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Is anybody else looking to apply to Piedmont Hospital's RN Residency Program but unable to find the application posting? I received an email from them last week stating the application be posted on July 13th as "RN Residency... Read More

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    I am graduating and applying the the Feb 2013 residency. I was curious as to if you apply just to the general residency or if you apply to a specific residency like acute care. I didn't know if it would look bad to apply to multiple areas.
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    Still no interview has anyone even received a call or change in status?
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    Yes, emailed and called for an interview yesterday. They said they are only looking for CV area.
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    Ok thanks....i guess i didn't get selected I didn't put down CV I put down acute care...oh wells...good luck to you anyway sucks for me...i at least wanted an interview...
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    Can you apply to more then one residency?
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    I was contacted for an interview in acute care (med/surg).
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    I just got a call from Piedmont saying the nurse managers would like to interview me for the RN Residency Program. There's still hope! I guess the process is taking longer than they thought it would.
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    You apply to the RN Residency Program and within the application you rank 3 areas of the program you are interested in.
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    Has anybody heard what the interview questions are like? I'm nervous about potential clinical questions. I have an interview coming up for the critical care program.
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    I applied July 14th and I was called August 21st to interview for Critical Care. I had to turn down interview because I when I applied I was working as a nurse extern at Grady hospital in ICU and I just got hired a a permanent ICU nurse at Grady.

    Don't get [COLOR=#000000]discouraged[/COLOR] if you have not been called, they are still calling and interviewing people. Good luck..