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I have an associate nursing degree and a bachelor of science in communication. I would like to have a bsn and think I would need a few more classes to accomplish this. I see all kinds of online and other university advertisement... Read More

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    Quote from adcockrn
    Appreciate the input thus far! I am considering going the rn/msn route but I have small children and will probably put this big step off for a bit. The hospital I work for does not distinguish in pay an and and a bsn and they do consider my prior bs appropriate for management positions..though I am not intersted in management at this time. What I want to do is pick up an extra day as a clinical instructor and the school here requires a bsn to do this!
    A BSN/MSN will give you more employment flexibility. An MSN will open many more doors regarding being an instructor beyond the one school.

    For you, it may be almost the same work to get one degree as the other.

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