Am I Doing To Much

  1. I am currently preparing to embark on my journey of nursing school this coming Spring10. I am very excited to be accepted into my local completive ADN nursing program. My drive, determination, family support and my though-out career goals has played apart in my success. However, my problem is my parents feel I am doing to much and thinking to far ahead in my nursing career. My plan is to complete my remaining required courses for my RN-BSN or RN-MSN program during the summer while I am on break from (ADN) nursing school. I want to be proactive and get things done so I wont have to worry about preqs when applying to LSU RN-BSN program or Vanderbilt RN-ACNP/FNP program.

    Do you all think I am thinking to far ahead ?

    Should I enjoy my breaks off from nursing school and do not take any courses ?

    Any other advice you all have as it relates to my situation ?

    Thank you for helping me out !
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  3. by   llg
    It depends on how much you are going to try squeeze in at a time. You will need a few breaks from school to stay strong so that you can do your best work. I wouldn't recommend over-loading your schedule so that you never get "rest and recovery time." Your parents are right about your needing some of that.

    However ... if you have a long break from your ADN program (such as a summer off), I think it's a great idea to take one or two courses over that break. For example, you could probably take 1 course during the summer and still work a summer job. If you don't have to work during the summer, you could handle 2 classes and still get a bit of a "break" as there would probably be some time before and after the summer classes to be stress free.

    I don't know how much you are hoping to squeeze in around your ADN schedule ... but this is one instance in which the word "compromise" makes sense. Find a "middle ground" that helps you move forward in your career, but still gives you sufficient R&R time. Nursing school is pretty stressful and you will need it. It makes no sense to overload yourself and then have the exhaustion and stress interfere with your learning and/or performance.
  4. by   Mr I Care
    Thank you very much for the advice, you made me look at the situation from a different perspective. I only have 6 classes to take in order to be completely prepared for the RN-BSN or RN-NP programs once I complete my current ADN program. I plan on taking two classes and work part-time each summer break. So, I guess my plan is a sound plan and I should not worry about being burnt out or stressed.
  5. by   Multicollinearity
    You ask good questions. I had my pinning (graduation) ceremony this week, and I had a moment of epiphany right before we walked in the procession before hundreds in the crowd.

    I regret taking 21 credits a semester and leaving so little time for taking care of rest and relaxation. I wish I could have had more time to get to know more of my classmates. I wish I had not been set on graduating with a 4.0 GPA in both my ADN and RN-BSN. The occasional 'B' would have been fine. I was obsessed with my transcript and missed out on opportunities for more friendships and more fun.

    So now, as of this month, I'm an ADN with only 19 credits to go to finish my RN-BSN degree. But, the journey is as important as the destination, right?
  6. by   Meriwhen
    I personally never did any schoolwork during a break, the main reason being was that the time off was a period for me to recharge my batteries. Also, in my school, we never get summers it's not as though I got a summer vacation to laze about during--I had to take advantage of any free time that came my way.

    So if I had a week or two off, unless I had critical schoolwork that needed to be completed during that time, I'd put my books away and forget about them.
  7. by   Mr I Care
    I greatly appreciate all the advice. I have decided that I will take one or two classes each summer break. I am so fixed on the idea of being an advance practice nurse, that I am not allowing myself time to simply enjoy my current nursing endeavor. Yes, the journey is as great as the destination because it is the journey that makes the destination much more meaningful.

    To all the other nurses please stay focus on what is important, which is the health of our patients. Sometimes we as medical professional tend to forget what is important and allow our personal feelings effect our performance. I too is guilty of such actions. I have came to realization that happiness does not reside in the prestige of a degree but in the performance of that individual.
  8. by   llg
    It sounds like a good plan to me. Good luck!
  9. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Let me throw another idea into the mix...

    I agree a lot with what llg says (as I usually do in her other sage posts). However, given the tight job market for new graduates, I would encourage you to consider working as a CNA, Patient Care Assistant, or Patient care Tech in the summer months. Since no one knows how long this tight market will continue, nursing students with PCA/PCT experience have a big leg up on those who have only been in school. UVA's Medical Center hired 69 New Grad RNs in 2009 --- only 5 of which were ADN-prepared. All 5 were PCAs/PCTs at UVa in the summer months and during the school year. The other 80+ ADNs who graduated from the local community college did not get job offers at the University this year.
  10. by   Mr I Care
    I noticed same trend in the nursing profession. However, it was brought to my attention by a post on this site. That is why I plan on working parttime as a Nurse Tech. I already have the application and have signed up for weekly updates via email for Nurse tech positions in my area. I can not start until after I complete the spring semester. So, thanks for the advice, but I am on top of it, thanks to allnurses.
  11. by   Jules A
    It was different for me because I was old but I loved winter and summer sessions. They are so short that all you have to do is bust your butt for a few weeks and its done. Good luck to you!
  12. by   sandnnw
    Way to go son, ever thought about being in the military??? Sounds like you'd thrive!
  13. by   Mr I Care
    I have the ultmost respect for the men and women who fight for our freedom. I commend each and every individual for their bravery and willingness to fight for a cause ( even if that cause has a underline ). I appreciate the suggestion, but my views on the military ( or anything like it ) will not allow me to join. The benefits are great but the physical and emotional demands and/or effects are too great for me to bear.
  14. by   jennylouwho
    I'm taking classes now alongside the classes that I have to take for my ADN that will later transfer for my BSN. I don't really see the problem in doing so. I will have a one semester break (hoping it's only one semester!) and possibly a summer (there is only one summer session and if I start in spring, I'll end up going over two summers) - both of those will be used to continue classes that I'll need for my BSN. I don't see how it's doing too much. I also have two young children at home and volunteer each week.