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Hi all! My name is Nigeria Hunter. I am currently a pre-nursing major and will be applying for the program next semester. Does anyone have any advice on how I could distinguish myself for the... Read More

  1. by   nhunter6
    I've always been one to go above and beyond. It just seems that with this field and in this economy, the bare minimum won't get you anywhere. I plan to do anything I can to set me apart from the crowd. If I'm unemployed for a few months after graduation that really won't bother me.. I've been a broke college student for a LONG time.. At least I'll have a PCT job to keep me afloat while I wait.
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    To Cape Cod: Oh! I didn't even realize I had done that! I guess it's a habit from typing out emails to professors. I can't find a way to edit it though. I see you are an AllNusrses Guide. Can you?
  3. by   cryss30

    I am a new graduate and was able to find a job in an area hospital with not problem, I am not sure where you live but I live in Virginia and I actually had several job offers and was able to pick which unit and hospital was a better fit for me. I would ignore the negative people, yes I have heard that it takes some people longer than others to find jobs and those are primarily the people that never worked in a hopsital before the graudated nursing school. Your plan to get a PCT job in the hospital is a great idea and I am willing to bet once you get started and acquainted with the unit that hires you on, you will see a different side of nursing besides OB. Working in nursing homes is for LPNs, noone expects you to graduate professional nursing school with a BSN just to pass medications on a continuous med pass 8 hours a day, five days a week, so once again ignore the negative and follow your goals.
  4. by   kenyacka
    Just because you're a CNA doesn't mean you have to work in a nursing home! You can work in hospitals also. When you look at job boards, sometimes employers use all sorts of titles for CNA... patient care tech, care ambassador, patient assistant. There a million different ways to say "CNA" lol. You also don't necessarily have to take a CNA course. A lot of places will hire you once you've finished your first semester in nursing school. It just depends on your location. Also, don't get down. Don't listen to the "it's impossible to get a hospital job" stuff. Just set your sites high and you'll be fine. I work as a CNA in a hospital and on my floor alone, 3 CNAs just got promoted as graduate nurses (basically just means they've finished nursing school, but haven't taken their NCLEX yet.) They do the same job as a CNA, just with better pay. They're also guaranteed a nursing position on our floor once they pass the NCLEX. I think the key is get a job in a hospital if at all possible.... if not, then LTC will help also. I know it's scary. I was terrified of it during my CNA program and was prepared to just struggle through and never think about LTC again. However, I really enjoyed it! Once you learn the why behind why they act the way they do, it's much easier. Good luck to you!
  5. by   nhunter6
    To cryss30: thanks for the positivity. It definitely helps.
    To kenyacka: also thanks for the positivity. And perhaps you are right. Once i know the reasonings behind ttheir actions i'll probably feel much different.
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    Do you have any help with the kids? How old are your kids? It sounds CRAZY TO ME !!!
  7. by   wantobnurse
    Do you have any help with the kids? How old are your kids? It sounds CRAZY TO ME
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    Hi Ruby,
    was there an incident that happen that posting your name is detrimental to your status ?
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    Yes but in your post you introduced yourself with your first name...
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