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I am planning on applying for a ADN program. I am thinking that after I get that I could go on to get a BSN. How important or how much difference does it make between the two?... Read More

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    Thanks for all the responses. What is the difference in pay if you have an ADN or a BSN?

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    At my hospital it's .52 per hour.
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    No difference in pay at my hospital for degree or advanced certifications.
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    i'm adn
    wish i had gone for msn--for own personal accomplishments
    didn't get much career advice
    that's just me
    but, i do still eat well
    and live well
    and sleep well
    and i've got 2 dollars in my pocket right this minute...
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    No difference whatsoever where I work, same benefits, vacation, etc... Only real difference is if you want to go on. But if you just want to work, I see no reason to go thru it. You will work the EXACT SAME JOB.
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    Search the website. There are TONS of threads regarding ADN v BSN. Some are nice and others are not so nice

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    I am a BSN from the beginning. My anecdotal experience over the years has been that ADN programs put out far-superior-clinically-skilled nurses than BSN programs. It will be additional work going from ADN to BSN, but the clinical education from the ADN program is much my experience. When I was in my BSN program there was alot more encouragement to move into "management" jobs than there ever was "clinical-bedside-nursing" jobs.
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    Our facility pays $1/hour more for BSN prepared nurses and ADN's are not considered for management positions. Depends on your career choices.

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