Acc. RN to BSN

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    I know this course takes one year if your a full time student but has any one done this while working as a RN? How long did it take to complete? what was your schedule like?

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    Almost everyone does it while they are working, and it is one year, just like it states. You do not have free time for anything if someone cannot devote 100% of their time to this, they should go for a traditional program.
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    so if you work as a RN you can finish it in one year still?
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    You can, that is why it is called an accelerated program. But if you are acutally 16 as your post states, you would be much better off going directly for your BSN.. If you select to go the ADN route, remember that even those programs are listed as two years, most require you to have many pre-requisites done before you can even start, so many that get an aDN have actually put in minimum of three years. Something that you need to pay close attention to, plus the accelerated programs are usually much more expensive than the regular programs.

    Hope that this helps......................
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    yes i know but 3 years o pre-reqs? not here though becuase thers only 3 classes min. to get in the RN nursing program here. after summer ill be done with all the necessary pre-reqs, so i can get in the RN program. But the acc. RN-BSN route sounds good because i can get my 1 year of ICU experience and get my BSN same time.
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    If you are palnning to do that to get into anesthesia school, I don't recommend it. You are going to have a lot of homework and reading to do just for being a new nurse in an ICU, especially if you are going to work in a CVICU or Trauma ICU at a big teaching hospital. You would be so over-stresses with both, that it wouldn't help you at all. Something is going to suffer.

    Have you been accepted to a nursing program for next fall already, or are you just planning to complete your pre-reqs and then apply? Many schools have waiting lists to get in, so it doesn't mean automatic entry just with having those classes completed.
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    yes i applied and got in this fall. yeah i was thinking about something going to suffer, im probably better off going to school then getting that 1 yr exp.
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    well the 1 exp. is pretty broad so i heard. is there any easy/less stressful "critical care setting" departments i can work at and still do well in the rn-bsn program?
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    Are you concerned about the one year to get into CRNA program? If so, you have a much better chance getting accepted if you are in a large teaching facility. I would go to school and worry more about my grades than trying to shave a year off. You will only lose if trying to do too much at once. Being a student nurse, and working as a staff nurse are completely two different things. You may actually find that there is another avenue that you want to pursue......................just do the best you can in school and worry about getting the best grades that you can.
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    You can become a nurse when you are 16????? No offense, but that sounds scary!!!

    Also, what kind of program only requires 3 classes to get into the RN program? I know CNA classes only require 3...are you sure??


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