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Nursing in australia

  1. 0 Hi there, looking on some info on nursing in Oz as compared to nursing in the uk? Ie shift patterns, patient to nurse ratio, wages, job availability? Any info would be great thanks
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    From what I've read, the job market isn't so hot in Oz right now.
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    Aged care facilities think all their Christmases have come at once, there are so many applicants for anything they advertise, which is so different to a couple of years ago, when it was difficult to fill any RN positions, but thanks to immigration all filled up and now they are beating them off at the front gate.
    Most positions now state that a current work visa must already be held by the applicant, so sponsorship is now difficult to obtain and this cuts down on the number of applicants.

    Hospitals in most states are in a state of employment freeze, private hospitals are also now advertsing any positions as the applicant now needs to be be a citizen or PR due to cut down on the huge increase of applications.

    There is usually part time work, which most overseas nurses that can apply for holiday working visa's can pick up easily or if you have permanet residency visa.

    As for comparing, the UK and Australia, someone else will have to fill you in.
    Pay is different in every state and whether it is private or public or part time. Also just where you would start in the years of experience.
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    Can anyone shed some light on the Melbourne vs. Sydney markets currently? Specifically if I am a foreign nurse with a 1 year working visa? From the sounds of it the market in general is grim but just wondering if agency work is still readily available?
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    Ceridwyn, did you see in the news about the federal government giving $107 mil in health funding directly to the hospitals? Will be interesting to see if this impacts on wards like yours etc.
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    Yes, I heard that Julia has seen the opinion polls and the decline of her and the Labor party and decided to give money back to all Victorian hospitals.
    If the ANF have anything to do about it, all our closed beds will be re opened.
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    The beds and theaters that have closed are reopening soon at my hospital.
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    Sounds like a positive news for all the nurses who want to work in Australia!
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    Quote from machaix
    Sounds like a positive news for all the nurses who want to work in Australia!
    Perhaps more so for those local nurses that wards have closed and jobs had been threatened and for the Victorian community that health services were taken away.
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    Quote from ceridwyn
    Perhaps more so for those local nurses that wards have closed and jobs had been threatened and for the Victorian community that health services were taken away.
    What about for foreign nurses who plan to apply in Australia?
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    As always, countries that have high intakes of immigrates, only do so on a needs basis. If there is not a need then jobs that are advertised should not have an option of sponsorship if there are locals that can apply. It is not a responsibility considered by the Australian government, to give as many overseas nurses that request a job a visa and a job, it is their responsibility to make sure there is a skilled workforce however and that locals with Australian education and are citizens or permanent residents have first rights to a job that they are qualified for against any other applicants with no bias or discrimination.

    The demand for nurses in Australia, but particularly, Victoria, Queensland and reported in other states and territories, have been flooded in the past with overseas applicants so the need for overseas educated nurses is low, even without the cutbacks, as Australian universities and Tafes have increased their student intakes in both the Bachelor of Nursing and Enrolled nursing courses by 50 to 100%.

    And the government is now clamping down/ reviewing the whole system/ has made statements.... on those who do not advertise or consider, local applications first and one of the most abused visa is the 457 that requires sponsorship by an employer as they are supposed to have advertised and waited a period of time and cannot fill the position with a local.....which often is not the case and will now be scrutinised.

    If a nurse applicant from overseas, has skills and experience that is in short supply locally by proof of advertising and lack of local applicants with the experience and skills, then of course the overseas applicant would be welcomed, if found suitable and given sponsorship by the employer for the visa.
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