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Hi There, I know this isn't the nursing student forum, however that area of the board is largely plagued with nursing students in America! I'm an Australian nursing student scouring All Nursing... Read More

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    I can't wait for A&P!!! I love all that brainy biology stuff.

    Now "Work Effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders" is supposed to be a good challenge!!! But if I ended up doing EN, I get credit for it... WOOHOO!!
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    I'm taking patho 2 this semester, too - and it is hard, based on patho 1 last semester. In patho we covered CNS, Cardiac and Respiratory and in patho 2 we'll be covered GIT, ortho, renal and repro, which includes A&P, pathology, microbiology, pharmacology etc.
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    Best of luck with your Aged Care Lex... TAFE is a great place to learn!

    If you are looking at doing EN those subjects should really help.. takes out quite a large involved chunk of work.. especially the Aboriginal, Communications, and Law and Ethics and Aged Care specific components if you get them covered. Should take at least 6 or so Assignments out of your workload.
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    Hi ppls,
    I'm at UniSA (uni of South Australia) in 3rd year. I have 4 weeks left of the course I am doing now and then an 8 week placement and that's it! WOOHOO! (omg, I can't believe I'm nearly finished....)

    I have an assignment due tomorrow (was due last week but got an extension!) and I haven't started writing it yet so I better stop procrastinating! Luckily it is not an academic paper as such, so minimal referencing. (If it was an essay with referencing, there's no way I would finish it by tomorrow!)

    If anyone has any questions about anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathohysiology or nursing toics. Or anything really, just ask. I got HDs in A&P and got paid by the uni to run an exam study tute for the 1st years. (See, I'm good at exams and crap at getting my essays in on time. LOL!)

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    Buttercup, I'm the same. Always good on exams... even stuff I have no idea about. But essays etc... Bah!!!

    Well.. We covered the basics of the circulatory system and the respiratory system this week, and I'm now envisioning everyone full of vessels and the cardiac muscles and chambers of the heart, and lungs looking like microscopic bunches of grapes!! (ok, that description didn't help me!) and my buzz word (or phrase) at the moment is Myocardial Infarct... because it almost sounds like I'm swearing! (small things amuse small minds as they say!)

    Am also now paranoid about cardio vascular disease!!! And telling everyone to get their cholesterol and blood pressure checked... *sigh* the novetly will wear off soon... I feel like a space cadet!
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    Hi! Good to see some more students here! I am 2nd year, 2nd semester doing a dual nursing and midwifery degree. Uni is a love hate thing for me at the moment!!!! I am loving to hate it....

    But I love the nursing in general overall, so will plug along!
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    I just got my graduate nurse position The end is so close!
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    ^^^ I wish this was offered where I'm studying! Unfortunately it's only one or the other! What is your program like?
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    Congrats Rubystar!!!
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    WOW, congrats Rubystar!! How many rotations do u get and what specialties are they?

    The deadline for applications for GNPs here closes on August 31st. I haven't started my apps yet. i'm a bit scared because i don't know what to put in my resume. I have spent my time since school bringing up my son so i have no job experience. Eek.
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    Hey i'm new on this forum. I'm an EN student at TAFESA, at Pt Adelaide. (lol i found it by accident while doing homework) I'm coming up to doing my clinical placement soon, which i'm really looking forward to! I cant wait!
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    I was speaking to a nurse from NICU at RNS who thought that the UTS bachelor of midwifery students didn't really have the basic nursing skills they needed, so a combined degree would be good. How much longer does it take?

    Buttercup, can you talk to your careers centre at uni? Other than that I would play up any community type roles, maybe P&C or something? Organising a family is a hard job (I can't even organise myself, lol) be confident in the skills you have learned rather than focussing on what you don't have. Anyway, I'm sure you're not the first nursing student to be in this position.
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    Quote from rubystar
    I just got my graduate nurse position The end is so close!
    Huge congrats