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Hello fellow nurses!!! I'm a USA RN with 1 yr med/surg experience. I already got Australia RN license and passed ANMAC's skill assessment for immigration!!! I'm planning to move to a big... Read More

  1. by   Nns108
    What do I need to do to get a nursing job in California after getting an MSN in University of Sydney? I will be graduate end if this year for my MSN. I am a U.S. citizen and got my bachelor degree in biology at UCSD. Any advices?
  2. by   Lark101
    Hi guys just a question, is US RN exempted to take the bridging program which take 3 months to complete. thank you.
  3. by   katikati
    It depemds how long you have not been working, or if they think you dont fully meet the criteria, then you take a bridging course. I am a US RN, and got accepted by ahpra after a whooping 400 days!!!
  4. by   Lark101
    Where did you completed your BSN degree? Thank you.
  5. by   debiklages
    Hello , I am a Canadian nurse and moved to Melbourne. I worked at St. Vincents and think that it was an excellent place to work. It is in a trendy area right across from a beautiful park. There are tons of cool coffee shops and restaurants and transport is excellent. I lived close to the Alfred and the neighbourhood is not as nice as St V's. So thats my opinion for what its worth.