Nurses looking to work in Australia

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    Hello All

    I just thought that it would be useful to create a thread for any Nurses that are looking to work in Australia.

    We can all share ideas etc

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    sounds like a great idea
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    Hi. I will soon be moving to Melbourne with my wife and baby. Got a job offer in Royal Melbourne Hospital. I was hoping to get some good info on what suburbs are safe and quiet and accessible to work? Thanks heaps!
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    Thanks for starting this thread~!
    My fiance and I are planning to move to Australia - likely Queensland in the next few years.
    I am currently completing my diploma in psychiatric nursing.

    Would anyone here know if a Registered Psychiatric Nurse from Canada, is qualified to work as a mental health nurse in Australia?

    ANY information is appreciated - i have searched and searched on line, and from what I gather they will likely assess on an individual basis.... Does anyone know any canadian RPN's that have moved???
    Im hoping to apply as a skilled worker !
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    Hello everyone i'm thai and still stay at Thailand. On June i'll go to Melbourne for Genaral English at Impact English.i want to improve it and then i'll register Nurse at melbourne. i know very difficult but i'll try it.anyone can tell me that i think it'ok??? thx very much)
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    well, good luck !
    nothing is easy, but still it happens everyday around you, so it can be true, unless you have no strong faith in it, and strive for it.
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    Thx very much for comment i'll do it the best^^
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    Stephanie...can i know about u...where r u now,Australia? nice to meet u and everyone...)On June i'll go to Melbourne for start to learn english program at Impact English Collage )
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    Hey all! I'm an American nurse currently doing travel assignments throughout the US..currently in California. I just started today at looking at the AHPRA application process, and boy am I overwhelmed!!
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    Hi, I am an RN in the Philippines, I have a 1 year and 4 mos. experienced working in the hospital before I came here in Canada to work as a caregiver. I want to work in Australia, where do I start? what are the requirements? Thanks.

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