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  1. blu3b0yz

    Current pay scale for nurses in Melbourne?

    Thank you K+MgSO4.... I'll await your response tomorrow
  2. blu3b0yz

    Current pay scale for nurses in Melbourne?

    Hi Stephanie! Appreciate your response. However, I was wondering if you can give me a picture of how much will be a gross pay for a nurse in a fortnight and how much will be the take home pa after taxes. Specifically for a Division 1 Nurse any year level. Just an example, perhaps. A general situation will be suffice. Thank you.
  3. HI all. I am new to this forum. I'm a Registered nurse from NZ and also got AHPRA registration. I've been searching a thread about current pay for nurses in OZ. I recently got a job offer in Melbourne and I was wondering if anyone can help me out on the current pay scale for nurses in Melbourne. Thanks much.
  4. blu3b0yz

    Nurses looking to work in Australia

    Hi. I will soon be moving to Melbourne with my wife and baby. Got a job offer in Royal Melbourne Hospital. I was hoping to get some good info on what suburbs are safe and quiet and accessible to work? Thanks heaps!
  5. blu3b0yz

    royal melbourne pvt hospital

    Hi all. I hope somebody will still look at this thread. I am an NZ nurses and I'm planning to move to Melbourne. I actually got a job offer from RMH-perioperative area. But we are still to work out my Visa sponsorship as I am not an NZ citizen. I was hoping to get info about good places to move to as I will be moving with my wife and our baby, only 5 mos old. I'm concerned on the security and safety of the place that I will be moving to and the availability of public transpo as well. What would be a good suburb for us to move into? Thanks heaps!