Didn't get into new grad program - what next?

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    So I didn't get into my new graduate program (no surprise, I KNEW I stuffed the interview up!) and so now I am looking at nursing jobs... and they all require experience.

    The only places that seem to not mention experience is medical centres, but I don't know if I could provide safe care to my patients being a sole RN, especially if any patients come in acutely unwell.

    Can anyone please provide some guidance as to any paths I can take to find a job, or enable me to get some experience? Anyone been in this situation before? I know right now there are thousands who ARE in this situation, which will potentially make competition fierce!

    I live in Sydney, NSW, and am ultimately looking for jobs in the western sector. Ie. Westmead, Parramatta and surrounding suburbs. Bit of a dilemma, and I don't want my skills to filter out of my head!

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    I have the exact same problem! (Except in a different state). Perhaps further study or workshops? You're interested in Paeds, right? Mopples on the other thread has a link to a workshop at RCH in Melbourne on another thread. That might be an advantage over other applicants.
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    From my observation and experience, many of the Victorian hospitals have mid-year intakes....and they will take you on before this as a new grad....a new grad program is a program that has set times, education etc. Hospitals can do this for new grads without being in the program.

    Its about time the unions and government look at this, as Australia is not short of nurses without experience. We are also not short of nurses, ready and willing, to go back to nursing after having families, but cannot afford the 10,000 course, that the government will not pay,.....but it is easier and cheaper to pay a nurse from overseas grade 2 year 1 pay and pay for the visa application.

    We need to start fostering our own educated nurses and give them a big chance first, without the worry of not finding a job at the start of their career and continue their career after child raising duties that Australian women take as their duty only and leave nursing for the 7-8 years, and then cannot re register as a nurse, without an expensive program, such as the bridging programs that the government will not pay for and it is difficult to get any sholarships for these days.

    ....any hospital or aged care facility, that dares approach immi with a 457 visa to sponsor an overseas nurse without any experience or experience 4-5 years ago needs a big no, please explain.....have you advertised for 6 months, where how and why cannot you find a local first. How does the experience of this nurse is better than a local., Sorry, just a rant, but I can see where all this ends, in a big circle... and local nurses still will not be encouraged and fostered to remain in industry,

    The ""Australian Way""- welcome everyone, without consideration for locals and local resources, IMHO
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    Yeah, I guess my other option is further study, but a lot of the further study options require one to be nursing at the same time to implement what you learn I guess.
    I am looking at aged care and what not even, and then could do a 1 year transition program into paeds... but alas even that is hard. Perhaps I just have to keep looking. Lucky I have another job (as a secretary in a medical area) to keep me going for the time being.
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    All is not lost. I am on the eligibility list as well. I don't finish till mid year. Have a look at Ramsay health. They open for mid year applications in April. Just have faith that something will happen.
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    I'm quite confused with all this graduate program that you speak of. Once we graduate with bachelor of nursing and register as RN, do we need to apply for graduate programs? Is it available in all hospitals? Could someone describe it more for me please, thank you
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    Come to New Zealand!
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    Generally yes, you do need to complete a graduate program. People will say that you can get a job without one, but they are hard to find.

    Applications open in each state in the June/July for the following year. Generally public hospitals in each state have a central application portal. Private hospitals have their own application process through their websites.
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    Purrfectionist this is Australia and New Zealand we are talking about. Where are you?
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    RIGHT! I am also confused about this whole "New Grad RN program" that hospitals have. My question is do I need to be in a "New Grad program" in order to get hired into the hospital as a new graduate nurse? or can I still apply to any opens positions on the hospital floor and they will just orientate me as a new grad without having to be in a "New Grad program"?

    Someone please help! I'm so confused on going about how to apply for my first nursing job and the nursing recruiters and human resources are so unhelpful!

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