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    HI everyone,

    Semester 2 starts for me tomorrow!! YAY I'm really excited to get back to uni - I know its sounds silly, but I'm loving learning. This semester I'm taking
    anatomy & physiology 2
    clinical health assessment and
    health promotion

    Glam1 - I started at CDU last year. I personally didn't like the no contact, hence I've moved to on campus study at my local uni. As for taking up rural placement, I'm hoping to go rural once I graduate so hoping to get a placement or two somewhere out in the sticks. QLD health has a great rural scholarship for 2nd and 3rd year students.

    Quick question= who here uses a laptop at uni? I got a very nice little one last week and have put all my notes on there ect and am thinking about taking it to uni and type notes instead of writing. Anyone do this? How do you find it? Any good programs I should have?

    Enjoy your week, Zoe

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    I've just started Cert III Aged Care AIN at TAFE... First week was just orientation, can't wait to get stuck into it.

    Best thing is the wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds and experiences in the class (of about 20 students) and the different specialised areas of our various teachers. Makes for a much better learning experience.
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    Zoe, are you studying at Griffith Uni? I'm doing Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 2 this semester which also starts for me tomorrow.

    And like you I love it and can't wait to get stuck in again!

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    HI again,

    Lex - good luck with your first week at tafe - Im sure you'll love it.

    Kirri - Yes Im at griffith at Logan. I'm only first year. How is patho - Ive heard its pretty hard?????

    talk soon, Zoe
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    good luck lex!

    yes i miss the class contact too. I made some good friends at usq which i still keep in contact with. I also miss the study groups which i found helped with my studies so much.
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    Sorry Zoe, p&p is a bucket load of work, but super interesting cos you start to get the point of learning all that a&p.

    Put it this way, in my study group we could count 2 distinctions, 2 credits, 2 passes and 3 fails for P&P1. And we worked hard!

    I will give you one solid hint though - don't get rid of any of your a&p notes. Each section of p&p we revisit the basics of that system, and the info constitutes some easy marks in an otherwise hard exam.



    Edited to add - I'm at Nathan campus.
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    I can't wait for A&P!!! I love all that brainy biology stuff.

    Now "Work Effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders" is supposed to be a good challenge!!! But if I ended up doing EN, I get credit for it... WOOHOO!!
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    I'm taking patho 2 this semester, too - and it is hard, based on patho 1 last semester. In patho we covered CNS, Cardiac and Respiratory and in patho 2 we'll be covered GIT, ortho, renal and repro, which includes A&P, pathology, microbiology, pharmacology etc.
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    Best of luck with your Aged Care Lex... TAFE is a great place to learn!

    If you are looking at doing EN those subjects should really help.. takes out quite a large involved chunk of work.. especially the Aboriginal, Communications, and Law and Ethics and Aged Care specific components if you get them covered. Should take at least 6 or so Assignments out of your workload.
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    Hi ppls,
    I'm at UniSA (uni of South Australia) in 3rd year. I have 4 weeks left of the course I am doing now and then an 8 week placement and that's it! WOOHOO! (omg, I can't believe I'm nearly finished....)

    I have an assignment due tomorrow (was due last week but got an extension!) and I haven't started writing it yet so I better stop procrastinating! Luckily it is not an academic paper as such, so minimal referencing. (If it was an essay with referencing, there's no way I would finish it by tomorrow!)

    If anyone has any questions about anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathohysiology or nursing toics. Or anything really, just ask. I got HDs in A&P and got paid by the uni to run an exam study tute for the 1st years. (See, I'm good at exams and crap at getting my essays in on time. LOL!)


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