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Hello All, I am a Christian and a new nurse and I am in the process of trying to learn how to incorporate my faith into my work. I believe that becoming a nurse is something God has called me to do after being in corporate... Read More

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    I'm also Christian, and I know many nurses I work with are as well. I pray on my way to work (and listen to a Christian music station...I find it puts me in a different mindset than when I listen to manistream, it's proven!) I pray that God would give me the strength to handle whatever happens, to lead me to where he wants me to take nursing, and most of all to be merciful.

    I work at a hospital where we can have some really difficult patients. Whether they're being admitted from a nursing home for AMS and they're yelling out the whole 8 hours, spitting and hitting, or they're people who OD'd to try to kill themselves (I work on a tele floor, they come to us first before psych) or people being admitted to "dry out", who are just surly as can be, or our jail patients. I remember what the Bible says, plain as day about LOVE. It doesn't say to love those who are nice to you, it says to love EVERYONE, love the Wiccan drag queen who threatened to curse the last 2 nurses who ticked him/her off, love the drug seeker who is on her light every 15 minutes complaining that you didn't push the Dilaudid fast enough and that's why they're still in 10/10 pain (and demanding another 2 box lunches). Love the man who is a jail patient, who was in jail because he beat the living snot out of his wife. It's hard, I had a patient last week who really pushed the right buttons.

    I'm a pacifist, and I really cling to the love. Right now I'm trying very hard to figure out tough love- Jesus was not opposed to tough love, and that's something I really need to work on!

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    Quote from Lilnurse0803
    Any advice or recommendations are highly appreciated. Much love to all in the name of Christ our Lord.
    I recommend you start focusing on the spiritual needs of your patients at work and focus on your own spiritual needs before and after your shifts.
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