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I am a new nurse graduate and like many others without a nursing job, up to a week ago. I continued on working with the non-medical in home care company that I worked with all through nursing school. I think my biggest fear... Read More

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    Wow, that is a wonderful story, and how wonderful that you got a position in Oncology. I have been struggling and struggling (and praying! and prayinggggg!!!!!) about whether to stay in nursing or not. God has helped me to realize that I want/need to go back to my previous job (best nursing job I've had thus far), and I am SO excited and thankful!
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    Thank you for such a touching post..even though I know I am kind of late in finding it. My first position was on a Womens Surgical Oncology unit and I know exactly what you mean in regards to being a part of that patient and their families lives. I saw beautiful women who had so much to offer die from cancer but I also had the chance to see recovery.
    Yes God uses us in great ways...just being able to pray with a patient and seeing God move them from being sick to recovery is a blessing. Just as I was sitting here starting to feel sorry in how my life is going in regards to my nursing career ( I have not worked since 2010)...I am reminded that God is still in charge and I definitely needed to be reminded of this. Congratulations on the position...I hope things are going well for you. God Bless!!!
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