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Hi All! (I can feel the flames already) This is sort of a vent post and my curiosity on all of you wonderful ladies and gentlemen's take on the subject...NOT AN ADN vs BSN bullcrap argument, so... Read More

  1. by   heinz57
    Quote from klone
    You're making an assumption that the reason why some people internally eyeroll or think the alphabet soup is ridiculous is because of jealousy or insecurity. No, many of us with various letters also think it's ostentatious and unnecessary. I assure you, it's not due to jealousy.
    A degree should not be lumped in as "alphabet soup". It only gets ridiculous when someone wants to put all certs and all licenses from LPN to NP behind their name. Follow the etiquette of the highest degree especially as pertaining to nursing or what is allowed like MPH or MSN along with your current working license.

    I think it is time to be proud and show advancements as a profession to other professionals.
    With the ADN still being the entry, nurses are rapidly becoming the lowest degreed of the hospital professions including all of those you view as lowly techs in radiology, lab, respiratory, speech, and physical therapy.
  2. by   Cat365
    I really have no issue either way. Personally I leave off degree level except on professional documents and then I choose the ones most relevant. (Nursing was a second career so I can claim initials that are medically related but few people recognize). I just got tired of explaining them. Most of my patients have no idea what ASN, BSN, or MSN mean. I didn't before I decided to go to nursing school. You should have seen me trying to explain to my grandfather that his NP had a doctorate in nursing but wasn't a medical doctor. I finally gave up and decided it didn't matter.

    On the other hand if you want them on your badge great. You can explain it. I just got tired.
  3. by   foggnm
    Putting a bachelor's or master's degree as credentials has never made sense to me in nursing. I have had my bsn, master's (in another discipline), and ccrn and never felt the need to display it. Our license is RN. Having a bachelor's or master's degree or certification just means you were able to spend money on a degree and weather through a lot of tests and papers. You will always get people who make snide remarks about others with more education or license than them. I worked in a clinic with lots of LPNs and they often said negative things about the RNs (and the RNs never would say anything in their direction). People just feel oppressed in nursing and sometimes they overcompensate by displaying their credentials or criticizing others. Just be a professional and don't worry about what your badge says.
  4. by   needlesmcgeeRN
    You earned that BSN, so I say wear it proudly.

    MY issue with this that I know someone who has BSN on their name badge, and they do not have their BSN.
  5. by   Aromatic
    i am pretty sure mine is plastic with a clip around it. not quite sure whats inside but if i ever break it scraping ice off my windshield ill let you know