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Just curious about others' thoughts on tattoos or other modifications in healthcare. I work in long term care, which tends to be more conservative in dress codes. Facial piercing and ear gauges are not permitted, visible tattoos... Read More

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    Quote from Garethaus

    Australia doesnt seem to have a code regarding tattoos being visible. If it does, its not enforced. I know patients don't care.
    No Australia doesn't have a policy or code regarding tattoos or piercings, I've been looked after by nurses and doctors with visible ink as well as gauges

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    I think the younger generation doesn't care and it is a very old school train of though to think people with tattoos are unprofessional. My art work cost thousands of dollars and is beautiful. The west coast seems to always be more liberal. I learned this from travel nursing. Almost everyone I work with has something permanent on their body.
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    DixieBelle7- no offense taken. I asked for opinions and expected to hear negatives ones as well. I've heard from someone in my family that said my tattoos make me look "uneducated and low class". I think that's rubbish. And BlueDevil- if it's a policy matter, then I would expect to comply with it just like everyone else -100%. I don't think I'm special, nor would I want to go head to head with management over something so trivial as my ink. One place I worked actually suggested I wear a lot of bracelets to mask my wrist tattoo, even after I raised a question about infection control. I'll stick to my lab coat.

    I've already given my stance. I worry more about competence, attitude, customer service, performance, and teamwork with my staff.
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    When I worked in the hospital, I worked with several people who had visible tattoos... on their wrists and/or the backs of their necks. Plenty of others who had them on their lower backs that were visible when they bent over or reached up for something. As far as I know, there was no policy about keeping them covered and, if there was, it was never enforced.
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    I have 2 and you can't see them unless we're at the pool =) That said, when we were pre-registering for the birth of my last baby, the RN handling it all had 2 words tattooed onto her knuckles. Very badly done I might add. I can't recall what the words are (might have been her kids names for all I know) and she seemed like a super-fun gal, but I could not get past the knuckle tattoos. Turns out by the time we presented to deliver, she no longer worked there, so I don't know what kind of nurse she would have been for us, all I know about her is my first impression with those knuckle tats...
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    Coleen that is a bit much! I have to agree with nothing in the hand.
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    I personally love tattoos! I currently have 4 and plan on getting 2 more. I plan on getting a tattoo on my wrist which opens up viewership to people Inside/outside of the workplace. I have one on my deltoid area but you can't see it unless I have a tank top on. I think tattoos are a great form of self expression. I knew prior to getting one people may find them negative but there are many people who compliment them. Realistically you may meet opposition with getting a job or while in your workplace. Most people are very surprised when they discover I have one!!
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    Does anyone know of a company that makes tat removal equipment?
    I'd like to invest in them.
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    I have a large one on my leg. So far it's not been a problem as scrubs/pants cover it completely. But should I ever enter into management and the new dress code involves skirts, it's going to be a tough one to conceal...but if that's what I have to do, I'll grab the Dermablend and do it. I accept that fact that not every employer smiles upon tattoos, as is their right.

    Though I've noticed that in psych, the attitude towards staff with ink is more relaxed...probably because a lot of our patients sport them as well. I personally would love one on my wrist, but while I'm working as a nurse I don't see it as being feasible...for me, anyway.
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    I've had patients want to look at mine and say what good line work I have while I'm doing obs

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