Take the hit??

  1. I am a May grad who has been working in a LTC/Rehab on the rehab side. I have had 20 pt/shift for the last month. It is horrid. I can barely get meds done, have to stay over to chart (I am surprised I haven't gotten in trouble for overtime). I am the only RN that works the floor.

    On a whim, I applied for a new grad position at a renowned hospital. Top 10 (I don't want to give away my location). I got the job!!!!! HUGE opportunity. I asked the administrator how much notice they needed. Was told 2 weeks. gave 2 1/2. Well, come to find out policy states 30 days. gave 19. If I leave, I will be "not recommended for rehire" which I guess is slightly better than "not eligible". I was told if I could figure out a way to work some hours (no time frame or # given) that would put me in good standing. This is a "right to work" state.
    I really feel I should just go on and not worry about it. I plan on staying where I am going.
    I just don't know how I am going to fit in extra shifts while taking a class, going through orientation and not knowing what hours my preceptor is going to give me. Changing my start date is not an option. All my appts in HR are already set up.
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  3. by   ktliz
    Is there even a question here?? Onward and upward!!
  4. by   Samantha79
    You made plans based on your administrators answer of 2 weeks. They should be held to that. You should be covered. Good luck in your new job!
  5. by   Mary C
    I would see if a four hour shift directly after orientation for the first two weeks of work is "adequate". If it's not, I say move on!
  6. by   mjo07
    Quote from Samantha79
    You made plans based on your administrators answer of 2 weeks. They should be held to that. You should be covered. Good luck in your new job!
    I agree with this, you did as told. Maybe if you that in writing you can provide it to the company. Move on..Congratulations!
  7. by   Nurse ABC
    Something similar happened once to me. I was in month 4 of a 9 month orientation and decided I did not like the job and did not want to continue. I knew I could bid out in 6 months but couldn't in good conscience continue my orientation knowing I was leaving asap. I figured they could hire someone else in the meantime that wanted to be there. I told the manager I could give the required notice but since I was still in orientation felt it would just be a waste of everyone's time/money since I wasn't really contributing. She totally agreed and said I was free to go and she would recommend me for re-hire. When I went to Human Resources they tried to give me a hard time about not giving notice and I said the manager told me there was no point and she wasn't holding me to that since I was in orientation. They agreed finally to let me go without making me stay another 2-4 weeks. I would ask the administrator to make it clear he/she told you 2 weeks to whoever is trying to hold you to that. The only reason is if you eventually want to use that job as experience on a resume and a future employer calls them they could say you are on the don't not re-hire list which makes you look bad and you may not get a chance to explain before they toss your application out the window.
  8. by   KelKelRN
    Congratulations!! I agree that there is no question that you need to keep moving onward and upward in your career. Employment applications always ask if they can contact this employer, you could say "No". Or there is the more creative option of having a friend call and see what they will say about you in regards to your status. Anymore, most employers don't want to give a bad reference, as it can create legal issues.