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I used to use marijuana only as a recreational drug, recently it was prescribed to me due to anxiety and lack of appetite. If you have a prescription to marijuana and you test positive on a drug screening, would you still be... Read More

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    I totally agree TexasLVN. But I would add to never ever let any employer know you have a medical marijuana card. I do not know if this is a violation of privacy or not but there is no way I would ever give that info to any employer. I agree that it needs to be legalized but the fact that it is not, will keep you from being hired. What I take or do in my free time away from work is my business not theirs. I have never been drug tested. We do not do random drug testing at our hospital. We may have done a test on alcohol on an impaired nurse who came in smelling of alcohol. Yes, she got fired. But it took a few months before it occurred.

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    Hey guys, just because alcohol is bad (and we can all agree that no matter how relaxing a drink can be, it's bad for you) that doesn't make marijuana good. It can help some, but the majority just abuse it for the high, it can be dangerous, and nurses should not be using it. Sorry but that's the truth. Just because killing 2 people is bad doesn't mean that killing 1 is okay.
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