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I used to use marijuana only as a recreational drug, recently it was prescribed to me due to anxiety and lack of appetite. If you have a prescription to marijuana and you test positive on a drug screening, would you still be... Read More

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    I have become informed!!! I'll admit I'm biased against MJ. All those movies about hippy like people puffing on little cigs. Goofy and dazed.
    MJ is not part of my history, or that of my least as far as I know. So the movies kind of distorted my opinions.
    Thanks to all of you who posted information. I like when I come here and learn something new.
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    Quote from ~*Stargazer*~
    Actually, the use of medical marijuana does NOT fall under ADA protection. Even if the person is disabled, their use of medical marijuana is still in violation of Federal law. The Federal Government still classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug.

    Again, State BONs may issue licenses to those with legal prescriptions for medical marijuana, so long as it is used as directed by the prescriber. However, employers are allowed to enforce "drug free workplace" policies, in which testing positive for THC is grounds for termination, legally prescribed or not.

    If the OP wants to practice as a nurse with a prescription for medical marijuana, it is possible for her/him to obtain licensure from her/his State BON, depending on that State BON's policies. However, obtaining employment may be a different matter altogether.
    You are correct. Apparently the CA supreme court ruled on the matter in May of this year. I haven't researched the issue in a while so thank you for updating my knowledge.
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    Quote from AngLVN
    I hope I never get you as a nurse. Why would you post something like this?
    Sorry AngLVN, that is such an open ended question, no one knows who you're referring to. There are way too many people on this string to just leave it like this. How about just a little hint?
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    If you have a script for the marajuana and it is legal in your state, then by all means, smoke up. I think it will cause a problem for your potential job hunt.

    I think many people have offered you sound advice here--contact your BON and hear it from the horse's mouth.

    Look at it from an Employer's perspective though--you have five potential candidates--all qualified for a position--all experienced nurses. They have to whittle it down in some way if you have only two positions open. Would you hire the nurse with the marajuana prescription, or a nurse who passes the drug screen and isn't so anxious all the time she has to smoke a joint to come down?
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    Quote from sasha_t
    you didn't answer my question....why did you post anything at all?
    What they said was a great answer to your post.
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    Quote from calinurse11
    Its actually really commonly prescribed here in California. I have a neighbor directly behind me who is a 20 something year old who is prescribed MJ and he is able to grow 12 plants or something like that in his back yard. Because of this, my children and I get to smell that skunk like smell when we are swimming in the pool out back. Oh and he was given the Rx for anxiety, and it appears that serveral of his friends are also anxious people because he is always smoking outside with at least 5 or 6 of them.
    Yeah, if you watch Judge Judy she gets on these people all the time. It's positively ludicrous.
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    Rx pot is a joke (in most cases) a Blind classmate of mine from ca had an rx to ,one night the guy got so high he yelled" watch this thay have to stop in ca for us blind toke"and jump into the street and almost got him and us also (as we where saving him ) killed . There are other real meds out there I do not know anyone that would want to have a nurse that does pot .
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    wow. I hope to God my nurse or any of my co-workers are not using pot. There is just no reason for it. The "what you do on your off time is none of your business" is a load of crap when you are a nurse. If anxiety and lack of appetite are an issue, then there are other ways to deal with it than smoking pot. It is the oldest trick in the book to get a prescription so you can smoke legally. Nurses are held to a higher standard, in my opinion. It doesn't sound like you are able or ready to take your position seriously if this really is an issue to you. Believe me, many are standing in the wings (minus the pot) to take your spot. Also, you are a representative of the facility or company that you are with. What would you do if a former patient or patients family member saw you getting high or while you were under the influence? You could get fired and your place of employment has been made a fool of or worse. Is this really an issue? Really?
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    I am in agreement with Sasha, the poster of this thread. If a patient who happens to be a nurse, has a physician recommendation, in a state which allows for this, and it is not used while on the job, but is used in accordance with its intent, it is the same as any other prescription.

    Dare I mention.... do a search on here and find threads concerning the prescribed drugs nurses use while working,it is not uncommon at all.

    There are many states which do not have medical marijuana laws and this may seem offensive to some nurses from those states. And to them I would say marijuana is the least dangerous medicine one can take, certainly healthier than drinking alcohol, and safer than most or all prescribed med's that would fall in like category.

    As well, there are different strains of marijuana that produce specific effects. So one may be good for anxiety or depression having a more cerebral effect- the sativa's, and another strain- indica's- are excellent for chronic pain, more body effect. There are so many uses of marijuana.
    Marinol, a synthetic form, a pill, is not always effective for patients.

    We can thank the marijuana hysteria and drug war for pushing growers indoors where they fine tuned the cultivating of marijuana and have bio engineered it to a fine science ( The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollen)

    The BON in California, whom I contacted few years ago regarding this, said they did not have a formal policy but it would be reviewed on case by case basis ( if you were ever hurt on job for instance or injured a patient) all things would be considered.

    Good topic!
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    A follow up comment after reading more posts:

    Which states require a nurse applying for a lic to list medications they are on?

    California does not require this.

    On potential employers: OK, what do nurses do that are taking Xanax Ativan Vicodin regularly before a drug screen?

    The realistic situation is this. If you are on the job and get injured or ill- they will do a drug screen in the ER. If you are in a legal state and carry your script with you, you are at the mercy of the dr to either determine if you are under the influence at that time
    or it is just in your system due to long life span.

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