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  1. 0 I wonder if I need an order to apply moisturizer on a patient's dry skin? patient is home bound receiving home health services for wound care...
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    I've never done HH but I can tell you, lotion is part of our (nursing/CNA) care after a bath or PRN. We have no such orders but for anything medicated, yes, we get an order. We do not apply lotions etc to wound areas except those ordered for the wound care
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    exactly that is why my question, because it is not medicated, its a regular moisturizer on dry skin and of course not in the wound area, thank ypu for your reply
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    I do pedi home health. Order needed if has an. "Active ingredient" (requires a drug facts label) So aquaphor needed an order but Vaseline intensive care or Johnson's baby lotion did not as it falls under nursing judgement.