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  1. Hello all! I just landed my first LPN position at a LTC facility. I graduated a year & a half ago and am afraid that I've lost a lot of the book knowledge from nursing school. I'm looking for advice about anything and everything! What should I have with me at all times, what should I keep in my pocket that will be a life saver, what types of information/skills do you reccomend will be most helpful to brush up on for this type of setting? I know that I can't know everything about everything - but I'd like to be prepared as possible. Thanks in advance! =)
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  3. by   AZMOMO2
    You'll be passing meds and doing skin assessments. Is there a wound care nurse? Other wise you will be doing treatments. Dressing skin tears and pressure ulcers. It is pretty busy and seems daunting, but you will get it.

    The important thing is to establish a routine. After a while you'll be surprised but you will memorize every med every one of your residents gets and you'll be able to do you med pass pretty fast.

    Review calculating I&Os and normal VS. Brush up a bit on charting. Change of condition and antibiotic use are the major things that you will be charting on.
  4. by   Hkroeck
    No wound care nurse, which makes me the wound care nurse lol. I do know they have a med tech who administers most medications which is nice! Thanks so much, I'll definitely brush up on all of those things! =)
  5. by   Blackcat99
    Review male and female catheterizations. Study the Baxter IV Pump and how to give IV antibiotics. Study up on G-tubes and TPN.
  6. by   Hkroeck
    Thank you!!
  7. by   bprlal13
    you would probably be passing out meds throughout the shift ... brush up on Dose calculations / top 200 rx drugs/.
  8. by   BSNbeauty
    Congrats on your first nursing job!!! Depends on the shift you are working. Days are usually really hectic. Evenings are filled with admissions, nights are a bit slower but you still need great critical thinking as you don't want to call the doc for something 3 am that can wait til 0700.
    Just prioritize, you cannot be everywhere at once. Learn to delegate. Be a role model for the CNAs, don't ever feel above doing patient care.
    Document thoroughly, always CYA ( cover your assets).
    What did I always keep on me? Mints, pens, a to do list and stethoscope.
  9. by   Hkroeck
    Thank you!!