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I am in my last semster and will graduate in December. During my clinical rotations, I have noticed many of the nurses, while on the clock, playing on the computer, checking their email and Facebook,... Read More

  1. by   sistasoul
    I have never seen this behavior where I work either. It is way too busy. It seems nurses are always fighting against the clock to get all of their patient assessments and charting done. Where are these jobs that people have time to go on these sites? I do agree that it is OK to have some down time at work. Any other job I have worked at before becoming a nurse had a little down time or at least the pace was bearable. If nurses have some down time- good for them- it is well deserved. I would hope that people would not do this before patient care was done.
    When I was an aide I could never understand why the nurses would not get up when bed alarms were going off. I now know that they were racing the clock trying to get their charting done, etc. so as not to incur overtime. I understand their reasons but I do not agree with it still. Nurses should get up any time a bed alarm is going off. Was not trying to hijack the thread but to show a comparison. Before I was a nurse there were many things I did not understand about being a nurse. The OP as a student has not worked as a nurse yet and can not understand things until he/she does.