Cruel and heartless medical industry

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    So I became sick (cold or god knows what-np fever but a lot of mucus, runny nose, weakness etc) yesterday. I was assigned a new patient for today (home health) at my part time job (I have two home health jobs). So I called my patient family told them that I'm too weak and dizzy to drive long distance (it is far away), the family was very understanding, then called my boss who totally ate my alive, she said that being sick is not an excuse and nurses dont get sick and that the doctor will be extremely upset, she also knows I'm three moths pregnant and I refuse to jeopardize my as well as my baby health/life. Of course I didnt tell her that, I just apologized, then she said that now she will have to go to see the patient, I wanted to tell her so badly "Excuse me s... happens and I drive long distances every day so your crown wont fall of out your head if you do this once, for you really sick and pregnant employee, who has been a loyal worker. I wanted to tell her that that my health is more important than job and the patient is not even critical, he is at home..I just dont understand lack of compassion for sick nurses.

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    That doesn't sound like an issue of the medical industry, that just sounds like an issue of one particular person. I'm sorry that happened. I'm sure she was probably just upset at getting no notice of a sick call and having to cover it herself on a weekend. Certainly not an excuse to take it out on you, of course.

    OTOH, going out to see a patient when you're under the weather is not going to risk your baby's life. No sense in being hyperbolic about it. Of course, it was a good decision for your patient's sake, though.
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    That sucks. Home Health is tough that way - no float pool to pull from.

    How long a notice did you give?
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    how about if I develop a fever? Did you know that overheating can cause birth defects?\
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    I didnt give her notice because I couldnt get up from bed until 2 pm
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    Quote from Blackheartednurse
    how about if I develop a fever? Did you know that overheating can cause birth defects?\
    You said you were afebrile. Calling in sick to work because you "might develop a fever" should get you yelled at.

    I hope you feel better soon.
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    Quote from Blackheartednurse
    I didnt give her notice because I couldnt get up from bed until 2 pm
    I'm sorry you are sick, but you have to give more notice than, as you put it "I didn't give one."

    If you were truly so sick you could simply not get out of bed to make a phone call, then you should be in the ER.
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    I have been with home health for two years and never called off, not even once, last year I also had cold but refused to call in and then I had complication and had an ear infection, so I promised myself that I will never work sick again.
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    you dont know my situation so please dont judge me.I was actually choking on mucus and lying in the bed helped me to deal with it (I know strange). I didnt let her know yesterday because I felt that I might get better today, I guess it just prove thay some nurses really dont have compassion.
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    no I should go in and develop complications better yet I should spread my cold to my patient or even better I should have a car crash due to being dizzy, just because I'm a nurse and have no right to get sick.
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