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  1. Hi Nurse Beth,
    I am changing my career from 10 ys in Human Resources to Nursing but feel very uncertain about the whole career change. I know I WANT to help and make a difference in ppl but I guess I fear the unknown. This will be my 2nd bachelors degree and I want to make sure I will enjoy what I do. What resources do you recommend for me to see what kind of nurse I would be the happiest and most successful in? I know I want to work with children but not in an ER type of environment. And also do you have nursing career advice for a person that's changing their career in their 30s?

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much in advance!!

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    Dear Changing Careers,

    Thanks for your great question.

    I believe that changing careers and starting nursing in your 30s can be very rewarding. You know yourself better than you did in your 20s- for example, you know that you want to work with children, that you do not want to work in the ED, and that you want to help and make a difference.

    At the same time, you do not need to rush to pick a specialty. In nursing school, you will be exposed to multiple specialties, and you will have plenty of opportunity to make up your mind.

    Wanting to help people and make a difference are both good reasons for going into nursing.

    It's natural to second guess your decision because it's a big commitment in terms of time and finances. There are no guarantees, but see if you can arrange to job shadow an RN to get a close up look at the role.

    I have a hunch you are going to be a great nurse.


    Nurse Beth
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  3. by   Quickbeam
    To the OP. I left a career as a probation officer with my BS in Criminal Justice to start all over again in a BSN program. I had almost zero credits that could carry over so it really was 2 separate bachelors degrees. I was in my 30s and people said I was crazy.

    I've been an RN for 30 years and it was the smartest thing I had done. I would advise getting some exposure prior to making that big leap. I had worked as a nursing assistant all through my first degree so I knew what I was getting into. Many of my BSN peers had little exposure to patient care or shift work prior to the program. The biggest surprise for me was how dramatic the shift was from salaried worker to hourly. I had to reframe my entire work life. Good luck to you whatever you decide, I have no regrets.
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  4. by   galatham1
    You might want to look into Occupational Health. Having a background in HR is quite helpful and I think it would be a great transition. The downside is you will likely need some ED or other acute care experience before someone will hire you as assessment skills are critical. But, check it out!
    Best of luck to you!
  5. by   ktnursing06
    Thank you for your inspirational message, I greatly greatly appreciate it!

    I feel more at ease knowing that nursing school will expose me to several specialties. Currently my main goal is to get into an accelerated nursing program. Wish me luck
  6. by   ktnursing06
    @galatham1 - I will definitely look into occupational health thanks!!
  7. by   ktnursing06

    Its always great hearing stories such as yours - deciding to my career has definitely been the hardest decision I have made.

    I have been wanting to change my career for 5 years now but fear has always taken the best of me. I finally said to myself its now or never. I would love to say the same thing you said 30 years from now.

    Thank you for sharing your story and for the great advise!!
  8. by   RNrhythm
    I went from corporate to med-surg/telemetry at 50, also a second Bachelors. I like the fact that my new career is mostly task-based. I hated running large projects where I had responsibilities but no authority. I like how, at the end of my shift, I go home. I know my patients are in good hands. I do not bring home any stress. If I am off for a few days, I look forward to a mostly fresh, new group of patients. I like how, even though my colleagues are very diverse personally and professionally, that we all pull together. I like that I have a well-defined role. I like that I am fairly compensated and do not have to worry about getting laid off. I like working 3 days a week. I like being able to work extra and earn more whenever I feel like it. I used to work in a dressy office--now I have a stack of comfy scrubs and cushy athletic shoes.
  9. by   Quickbeam
    Just wanted to add that it is so much easier to transition to nursing as a second career now. In 1986 there were 5 accelerated BSN programs in the country! The educational process still probably seems rigid from the outside but it is so much better now.