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"Champions of ObamaCare want Americans to believe that the president's re-election ended the battle over the law. It did no such thing. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act won't be fully repealed while Barack Obama is... Read More

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    Quote from MBARNBSN
    OP, your article is late news but I will respond anyway...

    Ah, yes... the GOP spin on history!!! First of all, most of the politics in Louisiana has been Conservative (not Liberal) in the state of Louisianna no matter which party was in charge because COSERVATIVES ran the South into the ground back then and continue to do so today. Which is why the States are RED and not BLUE.

    Yes, this we can agree on!!! If Conservative/GOP Governors attempt to block affordable health care for his/her constituents while the rest of the country has access to affordable health care through an Exchange, this will be political suicide for Conservatives. The poverty rate and the lack of access to health care are HIGHEST in RED States due to the implementation of ancient (100-200 year old) political policies of the GOP. Soon, the impoverished (those that know that they are not a concern of the GOP), will go to the polls and vote those Governors out of office.
    Maybe old news, but people are just now starting to pay attention to it.

    So you are saying conservative Democrats were in charge? In relation to today's, they were conservative. The Southern states being red is a relatively recent thing. Ever heard of the "Solid South"? Anyway, I don't really have interest in arguing that point as it doesn't really matter. Even if one of us convinced the other we were right, that wouldn't accomplish anything.

    They wouldn't be blocking the creation of the exchanges. They would be putting the responsibility of creating and administering them back on the Federal Gov't, for which the ACA allows for. However, even though the law allows for it, the gov't does not have a plan of how to do it. If enough states refuse to set up the exchanges, Congress will have to go back and come up with another plan.

    Political suicide? Having the state pay for the set up and administration of the exchanges and pay for the increased numbers of people on Medicaid, and doing so according to federal regulations that aren't even written at the time I decide to do so, over having the federal governement do all of that sounds like the more likely recipe for political suicide.
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