Text of H.R. 676: United States National Health Care Act or the Expanded and Improved

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    Text of H.R. 676: United States National Health Care Act or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act


    Full text


    Plans to fast track

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    Can someone answer why they would be for this?

    Seriously, give me some ideas and some pointers.

    Would it pretty much elmiinate private insurance companies so now their are only 2 payment systems: .Gov Insurance and Cash?

    If so what will hospitals do when the .gov cuts reimbursement rates?

    (a) In General- It is unlawful for a private health insurer to sell health insurance coverage that duplicates the benefits provided under this Act.

    This is socialist this statement in the bill right here. Pretty much would outlaw private insurance companies.

    Where are all of those people going to work now?

    I am asking seriously link me to some threads explaining the benefits of this. Canada has a similar system. If Canada's system is so good then why does everyone come to the U.S. when they are sick?
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    Disregard. I have found enough posts to teach me about this.

    I still think that this:

    (a) In General- It is unlawful for a private health insurer to sell health insurance coverage that duplicates the benefits provided under this Act.

    Is unacceptable.

    Also National Health Care combines the efficiency of FEMA with the compassion of the IRS.
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    this seriously makes me so happy i could cry.
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    The expansion of medicare.
    I would think it would be wise to fix the medicare system prior to expanding it.
    Instead we are going to fast track this.
    Here we go.
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    I could really care less if this bill passes or not as long as Nurses do not lose their jobs (or get worse working conditions) due to this bill passing

    This is what scares me the most:

    (a) In General- It is unlawful for a private health insurer to sell health insurance coverage that duplicates the benefits provided under this Act.

    So the government is now saying I no longer have the right to purchase private health insurance if I chose too?

    What will happen to all of the private insurance companies and the people who work for them? This is pure socialism.

    The Massachusetts plan, while expensive does work:


    But why in the world do they want to outlaw Private Health Insurance Companies!

    I am for the government providing services that CANNOT be provided in the private sector easily or working with the Private Sector, with the .gov filling in the gaps (this is true with Mental Health in a lot of states as an example).

    Pure socialism. I am sure all of you who support this and are ignoring the fact that they want to outlaw PRIVATE companies, also think the the .gov will protect us and we don't need firearms. Move to Massachusetts! You would love it here! Enough Liberals to make everyone happy and have done such great things!

    If the bill DID NOT outlaw private companies, I would be for it!

    Why expand Medicare? I hate to say this, but Even Obama's Plan sounds reasonable. Every time Medicare cuts reimbursements facilities scramble $ wise.
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    • HR 676 establishes an American-styled national health insurance program. The bill would create a publicly financed, privately delivered health care program that uses the already existing Medicare program by expanding and improving it to all U.S. residents, and all residents living in U.S. territories. The goal of the legislation is to ensure that all Americans, guaranteed by law, will have access to the highest quality and cost effective health care services regardless of ones employment, income, or health care status.
    • With over 45-75 million uninsured Americans, and another 50 million who are under insured, it is time to change our inefficient and costly fragmented health care system.
    • Physicians For A National Health Program reports that under a Medicare For All plan, we could save over $286 billion dollars a year in total health care costs.
    • We would move away from our present system where annual family premiums have increased upwards to $9,068 this year.
    • Under HR 676, a family of three making $40,000 per year would spend approximately $1600 per year for health care coverage.
    • Medicare for All would allow the United States to reduce its almost $2 trillion health care expenditure per year while covering all of the uninsured and everybody else for more than they are getting under their current health care plans.
    • In 2005, without reform, the average employer who offered coverage contributed $2,600 to health care per employee (for much skimpier benefits).
    Under HR 676, the average costs to employers for an employee making $30,000 per year will be reduced to $1,155 per year; less than $100 per month.

    Who is Eligible!

    Every person living in the United States and the U.S. Territories would receive a United States National Health Insurance Card and identification number once they enroll at the appropriate location. Social Security numbers may not be used when assigning identification. cards. No co-pays or deductibles are permissible under this act.

    Health Care Services Covered!

    This program will cover all medically-necessary services, including primary care, inpatient care, outpatient care, emergency care, prescription drugs, durable medical equipment, long term care, mental health services, dentistry, eye care, chiropractic, and substance abuse treatment. Patients have their choice of physicians, providers, hospitals, clinics, and practices. Medicare will be improved and everybody will get it.

    Conversion to A Non-Profit Health Care System!

    Private health insurers shall be prohibited under this act from selling coverage that duplicates the
    benefits of the Medicare for All program.

    Cost Containment Provisions/Reimbursement

    The Medicare for All program will annually set reimbursement rates for physicians, health care providers; and negotiate prescription drug prices. The national office will provide an annual lump sum allotment to each existing Medicare region, which will then administer the program. Payment to health care providers include fee for service, and global budgets. Doctors will be paid based on their current reimbursement rates. The conversion to a not-for- profit health care system will take place over a 15 year period, through the sale of U.S. treasury bonds;


    The United States Congress will establish annual funding outlays for the Medicare for All program through an annual entitlement, to be administered by the Medicare program. A U. S. National Health Insurance Advisory Board will be established, comprised primarily of health care professionals and representatives of citizen health advocacy groups.

    Proposed Funding

    Maintaining current federal and state funding of existing health care programs! A modest payroll tax on all employers and employees of 3.3% each. A 5% health tax on the top 5% of income earners. A small tax on stock and bond transfers. Closing corporate tax loop-holes, and repealing the Bush tax cut for the highest 1% of income earners.

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    3) ESTABLISHMENT OF UNIVERSAL, BEST QUALITY STANDARD OF CARE- The Board shall specifically establish a universal, best quality of standard of care with respect to--

    (A) appropriate staffing levels;

    (B) appropriate medical technology;

    (C) design and scope of work in the health workplace;

    (D) best practices; and

    (E) salary level and working conditions of physicians, clinicians, nurses, other medical professionals, and appropriate support staff.

    (2) Health planning, including oversight of the placement of new hospitals, clinics, and other health care delivery facilities.

    (3) Health planning, including oversight of the purchase and placement of new health equipment to ensure timely access to care and to avoid duplication.

    SECTION 203 - d) Favoring Non-Institutional Care. All efforts shall be made under this Act to provide long-term care in a home - or community based setting, as opposed to institutional care.
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    A lot of us are "for this" because we believe strongly that eliminating private-for-profit health insurance companies would be the best thing that could happen to healthcare in this country ...
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    I support H.R 676. But, the Fox news story didn't indicate to me that this piece of legislation was on a fast track to getting passed. In fact, from what I gather of Obama health care ideas, not much will change.
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