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Hi, first I apologize if you're a non-Christian person, but since I am and this post is what concerns of, you're free to leave before you read, or discuss with me if you have feedback. If you... Read More

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    I get the sense that the OP wants this discussion to come to an end, as evidenced by his/her post below. Therefore, this thread is closed pending further review.
    Quote from tarotale
    I am pretty amazed at how the comments took complete different turn than I expected. I thank those who tried to advise me to learn how to cite, and I did learn that it is important to know before you talk; I especially thank those who gave sincere comments in order to teach me about my short comings instead of bashing like some intolerant people.

    Putting pettiness aside, I think it was my fault for not researching before posting, so I do admit my short-comings. But you guys, please read my question BEFORE you post your comments. Let me reiterate the question and point again.

    If you read my question from original post, I stated that this question is based on my Christian beliefs mainly, and I politely asked you to ignore it if you don't share the belief and don't want a part of it. Anyways, I do apologize for saying "Now it is pretty obvious that the hospitals will require nurses, along with physicians and others, to receive this chip" from my question; that should have not been made in a statement-like sentence but more like a question, which is what I intend to say. But later in the question, I specifically say "Am I the only person worried about this?" asking your opinion on this matter. On my second post of this thread, I have clearly stated that I did not read the original bill, and I am basically forming my opinion from googled web sources. I have never stated from anywhere that the chipping is absolute truth, and over and over again I asked your opinion, clearly stating that it is my OPINION for the government to enforce such action, admitting that such opinion came from maybe/maybe not reliable sources from the web and the book of Revelations. And I kept admitting that I am not clear about the government to do so; I said they were my opinions.

    Now here is a brief dialogue summary:

    A: Hi, I heard a new law is passed, and I read some articles from the web. My opinion is that the government will do this and this and such actions seem to be warned of in the Bible that I read. Of course, I know everyone has different religious views, so if you don't agree with me, you can ignore me. Anyways, what do you think? What are your opinions about this?

    B: What? Where did you get that? You got to cite the source.

    A: Well, I said they were from googled articles and Bible. I can't verify they are true because they are my opinions. I just wanted to know yours.

    B: No, man, you got to cite the reliable source. Googled articles are not reliable sources. You got to cite your source man.

    A: Ya, but I am not arguing by stating that this is a fact. It is my opinion and what I said I believed, but I didn't say they were absolute truth.

    B: No no, you got to cite the reliable source if you want to have formed opinion. Where's the source?

    A: Are you saying I can't even ask about people's opinions without a source? This is not an essay or literature. I am asking about opinions.

    B: don't care you got to cite cite cite cite cite cite cite cite; oh by the way, I have opinions about everything too, and I talk about it all the time with my friends, but I don't cite my source why I like meat over fish when I talk to them about my lunch. Guess I have to go to library and do extensive research to form my opinion why meat is better than fish. Laters.

    Please read the question and learn to distinguish between "A is B" and "hey guys, is A an A or B, or something else? What do you think?"