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By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Filed at 7:28 p.m. ET YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) -- Hospitals across the country are desperate for nurses like Tracey Rasmussen, a 34-year-old mom with a warm, down-to-earth bedside manner and a 3.9 grade... Read More

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    "this "weeding out" process that is used to the delight of some instructors."

    Well, after all, it DOES lighten their workload.

    Now if their salaries were based on:

    1) the number of students they were successful in teaching the skills and information in their particular courses, which after all, is their job, AND
    2) the number of students they had who scored well on the NCLEX

    THEN we could expect some things to change for the better.

    But of course any suggestion of responsibility and accountability and actual performance is out of the question for nursing schools, except as these factors apply to students.
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    Here the waiting lists are outrageous and you must have all pre reqs and co reqs completed with the proper GPA before even applying. By the time someones number comes up years have passed and many have gone on to other things.

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