Member of ANA: Can I ask you 7 questions?

  1. For school, I need to interview an ANA member. I have searched high and low around my hospital and cannot find one ANA member. I've asked people in management, called all the nursing supervisors on duty, called a nursing instructor, heck, I even chased a NP down the hall screaming, "are you member of ANA?" No luck.

    Thought about making up an imaginary ANA member and interviewing him/her (didn't decide on the sex yet). Figured I'd try allnurses first.

    Here are the 7 questions:

    1. What is the focus of ANA?
    2. What are its' goals?
    3. What is the reason for joining the organization?
    4. Why would a nurse want to join ANA?
    5. When and where does this organization meet?
    6. For how long do they meet?
    7. How frequently do they meet?

    If anyone wants to answer these 7 questions, please, PM me.


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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    I'll be glad to assist you as Ive been active at the district and state level.
  4. by   amoLucia
    Check with your local STATE Nurses Assoc. They usually have the dual memberships.
  5. by   nursel56
    Though some state affiliates have parted ways with the ANA. The California Nurses Association did that and is now allied with National Nurses United.
  6. by   Lev <3
    I'm a member, but I can't really tell you much about it. Look at the website for the answers. I joined to put it on my resume and for free CE credits. They also have partnerships with certain universities to offer tuition breaks. You get free online and in print magazine subscriptions with membership. I'm not sure when/where they meet.
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    1. ANA is the largest U.S. nursing association promoting and protecting the Registered Nursing profession at the national level with its constituent and organizational affiliates along with state nurses associations focus on representing nursing at the state level.
    The Importance of Belonging
    Discover Your ANA

    2. ANA’s goals are:

    3. Reasons to join ANA

    4. ANA activities occur via ANA website, signing up for email communications, though our bimonthly newspaper The American Nurse and monthly professional journal American Nurse Today.

    5-7. How often does ANA meet?

    Those who have full ANA and State Association membership elect members to the 2 day Membership Assembly who conduct association business yearly. Meetings held in Washington. Previously, biannually convention held rotating areas around the US.

    My state association PSNA has an Annual Summit each fall along with periodic nursing Town Halls rotated around my state, hosted by various colleges/schools of nursing. District meetings gone the way of newsletters and internet postings with yearly meeting.

    How I became active in PSNA:

    I served as President of nursing club senior year of college and was selected to attend NSNA 1982 convention in Minneapolis. Villanovna’s Dean Fitzpatrick took four of her students and invited me to attend a dinner with Nursing Leaders who all encouraged me to join ANA.

    I’ve been a member since then, served on district committees+district BOD and delegate to ANA Conventions (great way to vacation and see the US).

    This participation helped to fuel my activism efforts…and starting AN’s activism forum.

    Though district meetings, I met RN entrepreneurs who started a home care agency in 1985 and was asked to join as an independent nurse contractor ….fell in love with home care. 25+yrs later using my skills to manage a Central Intake Department in Philadelphia area Home Health Agency with 33 staff.
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