Lack of Healthcare Accessibility Affects Every Patient, Every Nurse, Every Hospital.

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    I've started the petition "Governor Rick Perry: Stop Limiting Access to Healthcare for Low-Income Women" and need your help to get it off the ground.

    Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:

    Here's why it's important:

    Governor Rick Perry is using women as political pawns. His fight to exclude Planned Parenthood from the Women's Health Program is placing women's health at risk. Planned Parenthood has provided life-saving healthcare interventions, such as cancer screenings and HIV testing, and preventive care including well woman exams and prenatal care for nearly half of Texas' low-income and uninsured woman. Hundreds of thousands of Texan woman will go without the crucial healthcare that they need because of Governor Perry's war against Planned Parenthood. Texas was already in a health crisis before Governor Perry launched his assault against Planned Parenthood and women's health due to a widespread physician shortage. Now as a result of his actions low-income women and families will have even less access to healthcare providers. Furthermore, limiting access further affects everyone's healthcare by creating an even larger burden on already overcrowded emergency rooms and charitable clinics.

    Governor Perry has instead increased funding to faith-based "clinics" which do not actually provide any healthcare at all. Women's health affects everyone. Without healthy women there are no healthy children, no healthy families. Texas women need to stand together to let Governor Perry and other Texas officials know that we are capable of choosing our own healthcare providers and we will not allow their own personal beliefs and politics jeopardize our health. Please join me in the fight to keep the government out the patient-provider relationship.

    You can sign my petition by clicking here.
    Jessica Goldmeier
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    From what I've read about this issue, Planned Parenthood could get funding if they were to stop advocating for abortion. Sure sounds like Planned Parenthood are the ones choosing to limit healthcare, not just to low income women but to unborn babies as well.
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    You have read. Wrong.
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    SuzieVn, can you elaborate on where I misunderstand the issue? Planned Parenthood is being defunded because of their advocation for abortion, correct? It looks like this is the only reason for the defunding, their stance on abortion. It follows then that by choosing to support abortion they are to blame for the defunding, therefore limiting access to healthcare for low income women. To define the issue another way, Planned Parenthood had to make a choice between supporting abortion or losing their funding, they chose abortion over funding, resulting in their inability to serve a large population of low income women.

    Also, I don't see where I am wrong to assume that dead people don't get access to healthcare.
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    What if the hare stopped to take a pee...
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    So if PP opts to provide access to a legal medical intervention, the state should punish them and the women who use their services outside of abortion. Gee, how does that make sense? In what way is that improving the health status of Texans?
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    "Planned Parenthood currently serves about half of the 130,000 women in the Women's Health Program, and none of the Planned Parenthood clinics that participate in the program offer abortions." via huffington post

    So their funding is being taken away because their affiliates offer abortions? Wow that is ridiculous. No wonder Perry's political career can't survive outside of Texas. Good Luck on your petition! I will definitely sign
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    Maybe it's my imagination, but it seems like the more evangelical christian groups there are in a state, the more assinine the state policies are.
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    I think that well meaning people of faith sometimes forget that this is not a Christian nation, it is a secular democratic republic which may not legislate within the concept of a state supported religious belief system.
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    Quote from John Silver
    Maybe it's my imagination, but it seems like the more evangelical christian groups there are in a state, the more assinine the state policies are.

    It's not your imagination. And too bad once that baby is born, those 'christians' then punish them and their mother by cutting their access to healthcare, the second time.

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