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The Massachusetts Health Mess Massachusetts shows how ObamaCare would really work. In a rational world, the prognosis for ObamaCare would wait on the evidence in Massachusetts, given that the commonwealth's 2006 program... Read More

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    Obviously we disagree... but that's OK.
    We need to understand all sides.

    Agreed. Actually, I have enjoyed reading your opinion on the subject. :wink2:

    You want to adopt Universal health care in the USA
    due to the "46MM uninsured".

    No, not "because" of the uninsured but rather because we need something that works in a universal manner for everyone across the board. Not just a select few.

    Health care.., similar to public education, needs to be made available to every citizen in the country.

    Health care should not be considered as an optional luxury for those who can afford insurance, but rather health care needs to be mandated as an expected requirement in our society. Similarly, we don't consider the public education system to be an optional luxury in our society any differently.

    The public needs health care intervention regardless if they have pre existing conditions or not. Health care is not an optional requirement for people, it's a human necessity like eating food or drinking water.

    I think Universal health care will give individuals a false-security
    that "someone else" will pay, and so the system will be mis-used,
    the root cause of the problem will not be addressed, and the end
    result will be overall deterioration in health care.

    The health care system is already being misused and there is a false sense of security because private health insurance companies don't guarantee you will be treated for pre existing medical conditions etc.

    Just because you pay 1000's of dollars for private health insurance every year, doesn't translate to mean you will actually receive adequate treatment or needed hospital care.

    Taxpayers are already suffering from misuse from foreign illegals using the American healthcare system, the root cause of the problems have yet to be addressed, and the healthcare system has deteriorated to the level of a national crisis.

    ...Are you suggesting that implementing Universal Healthcare will make things any worse than they already are? Interesting...

    What is your perspective on HR 3200? Doesn't it seem too bureaucratic
    and unwieldy??
    HR3200 is an "alternative" to the Universal Health care model which provides citizens with "assistance" when it's needed. However, we are right back to square one....

    What we need is health care to be considered as a fundamental right of every American, not just a select or "privileged" few who "qualify."

    HR3200 is an attempt to "qualify" people to receive health care benefits. Of course, for starters.. half the people who apply for such benefits are never going to qualify for one reason or another. They always do in this sort of scenerio... So, it becomes yet another system that exists on paper for a select few. HR3200 is an attempt to appease the private health insurance and drug pusher industries because they give a lot of money in campaign contributions.

    Sounds a lot like the same old "qualifiers" game private insurance companies are already playing with the public. It just doesn't work.

    Now is the time YOU need to decide and choose which direction you would like to see the your own health go in the future.

    It will change, but in which direction is the question.

    My Best.
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