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    [QUOTE=Susie2310;6971161]"Most of the opponents are aware there is a problem. They just aren't willing to support a problem that will not fix the healthcare and has the potential to be damaging to the country as a whole unit."Have no clue what you are talking about in "support a problem that will not fix the healthcare . . ." What is the problem that you are speaking of? Do you consider the actuality of people receiving access to health care a problem? As far as "has the potential to be damaging to the country as a whole unit", please explain the damage you think may potentially happen.
    The ACA, in my opinion, will not fix the problem of the healthcare crisis in this country. We will go bankrupt and be sold to the highest bidder world wide (at an extreme possibility)"The second is that I have not seen one post from the proponents addressing the other concern to the opponents, which is how do we create an environment to where the "poor" are inspired to work harder, sacrifice more to be where we are."Whether people work hard or not is not part of the health care discussion. Frankly, I think it is none of your (or my)

    That would be true if I wasn't having to support them. Yes the argument that we are already doing this and so it would be more efficient (which I don't see due to less MDs more patients receiving more frivolous care, pvt. Insurance failing and others) doesn't ring true to me. Besides, the system we have now is based on a society giving charity. When I volunteer at a "soup kitchen" I don't eat. I do not want to participate in this and As its stands my right to refuse has been eliminated. Another thing that is being thrown around the water cooler I hear is " If my taxes continue like they say I'm quitting and going to get on the "Obama plan" myself. Then someone will state "yeah but I'm not that sorry yet". Why are so many people willing to give up their right to have a chance to reach for the stars, for the exchange of healthcare so that they can continue to work to have healthcare so they can continue to work to have.............. I don't don't see the positve to stay healthy just to work for the government and yes I know it isn't just healthcare - it all needs revamped.

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    Currently, I continue to work and still don't have healthcare, and that is true for many people who cannot afford current insurance rates... I'm not talking about the unemployed. People with chronic illnesses or people with cancers to whom treatment is refused or people who are discharged before they are well enough because the insurance will not take longer...
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    Trying to inspire others is a daunting task especially when the vast majority are a "prozac nation".

    Consider the ACA as a introductory offer-just like a sales spiel.

    Consider your individual choice to give up some of yours over a mandate to give up some of yours.

    Consider being acutely aware and informed as much as is humanly possible out here in the fringes

    Consider giving more to charity where your moneys can go to your interest group(s)

    Consider taking a leadership role or serve on a board where you can be more aware of where money is going

    Consider volunteering for a free clinic to help ease the burden on the middle class that will be mandated to give more of their earned salary to those "less fortunate"
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    You can't afford insurance, but have you looked at your budget? It seems that if insuring yourself is as important as feeding, clothing and sheltering yourself you would need to look at some austerity measures. You have internet, cable, eat out, watch movies, play games, get manis/pedis, have a smart phone, get your hair colored, styled, buy clothes from a retailer... just a few of the things you can cut out to give you more to spend on insurance. Not being judgmental but there are things that people spend money on that could be cut temporarily in order to pay for absolutes. Are you willing to go to an austerity plan? Most are not quite ready.
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    Quote from ParkerBeanCurdRN,BSN
    . , there are laws that need to be followed. There is a process to immigrate. It took me a little over a year to become a citizen of Canada, although I am back in the states. Regardless, I did not cross the border and set up camp.

    Again, I donít have the answers but these are questions and thoughts I ponder.
    Uhm, it might have taken a year to obtain permanent resident status but full citizenship takes living here for at least three years.
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    This may be slightly off topic, but it relates to our countries, (USA), fiscal responsibilities. Last night on the news, there was a story about a women and her four children who were forced to jump from a 3rd story window after the apartment they were living in caught fire. It caught fire from a candle they had in the bathroom because they had no electricity because they had recently moved in, from a shelter they were living at. I realize that the Government can’t be the answer for everything for everybody, but it certainly seems to be that unless you are a citizen of the US. We send aid all over the world in the amount of trillions of dollars yet our own people are without the basic staples of life. They don’t even have electricity, let alone medical care. The 14-year-old girl who went out the window first yesterday broke toes in both of her feet; I wonder how they are going to deal with that. I also guess they will be moving back to the shelter since the apartment is uninhabitable now. My point is that our government sends untold amounts of money all over the world, and we can’t even afford to take care of our own. Or should I say, we choose not to take care of our own. I find that appalling. I think it is time we stop trying to take care of a world that (a) hates us to begin with, and (b) we can no longer afford to subsidize.
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    This has certainly been an interesting thread. I must interject for a response to previous posts regarding the notion that Canada has low immigration, and is mostly white. False on both points. People immigrate to Canada from all over the world, partially because our immigration policies are more flexible than many other countries. We are very multicultural, and as a native non-white (biracial) Torontonian, I can attest to the fact that Toronto, and all the other major centres....Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax....are very multicultural. Back to regularly scheduled thread.....
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    No cable, need internet to work, don't eat out, seldom watch movies (prefer to read, work 2 jobs, school = no time), don't play games unless it's a board or card game, never had manis or pedis, no smart phone still old flippidiflip, color myself, short hair/curles = styling not needing - going without shampoo too because don't want to pay that money either, buy clothes seldomly because I like a little more pricey so saving up for it.

    My medication alone cost at least $200 a month w/insurance and $800 without insurance, mind you not that my meds for my condition are not covered the first year if they are covered all or only to 60% or whatever; private insurance starts $300-400/month and up... (quality of life = work to pay insurance??) - working so much results in stress results in exacerbation of illness.

    My solution at this point is school to get a job that allows for insurance (how much is that for freedom of choice?) and make lifestyle changes to minimize exacerbation (rather challenging).

    I'm not the only one affected in this manner; actually, I'm fortunate enough to be able to work with the ilness I have. A lot of people I work with are barely scraping by, laterally working 7 days a week, and that in itself is not healthy in itself.

    Unless it will happen to you, it is hard to understand that, yes, you can fall and that really, really quickly, and then what?
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    That's what many forget...the working poor, who are educated with decent jobs, yet they're just surviving, and health care costs are eating away at a large portion of their income. All too common, as the cost of living is high in many cities. Some people have mentioned they would/could rely on family to assist with health care costs if required. Good for you. The reality is, many families cannot afford to help out, or refuse to help out. And I'm that nurse that someone mentioned...helps others...oh no, 20 years later...back injury...disabled...can't afford health care anymore. Darn. What to do?
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    Seriously-I'm in the same boat but I don't want a bail out and I don't want my children to suffer either. The next generation already feels we've caused this mess and they definitely are not sympathetic.

    I feel all of you.
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