Gender Discrimination, Yes or No?

  1. My Uncle, who is 55 years old was hired at a local Nursing Home last year. He joined a paid Certified Nursing Assistant training course. Well the facility I guess you could say was 60 percent female and 40 percent male residents. The female residents that still had contol of there mind absolutely refused for him to care for them. The facility administrator told him sorry, you cant work here!! He then pleaded to her, that he really loved this job and if he could stay on and just do vital signs, replace ice pitchers, answer call lights, and wheel patients and feed them, and care for the male patients as needed. The administrator said sorry NO!!! They layed him off right then and there!! The next week I saw an add at the same facility for the position C.N.A., and on the bottom of the page EOE!! Did this facility violate EOE regulations? Can nursing homes really discriminate in this way? or was this an illegal act?
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  3. by   typoagain
    Is it discrimination? Sure.

    But the fact of the matter is that he is far better off working elsewhere.

    It has been my experience that men are often discriminated against in healthcare. It is a fact that we (men working in healthcare) have to deal with everyday. And I personally believe that nothing will be done about it because it is NOT politically correct to defend man against sex-based discrimination.

    I have seen men being attacked for many stupid reasons. Heck, I recently had a mother call the police because a male staff member's finger brushed against her baby's diaper while he was attaching a pulse-ox on the babies foot. After they arrived she later told the police that in fact she did not even see that, she just assumed it did because of how close his had was to the babies diaper!

    The simple fact is that he can easily be the victim of accusations that have absolutely no basis on reality. And if the faculty is not willing to back him up in this situation, what kind of support do you think he will have when some 90 year old woman accuses him of touching her inappropriately?
  4. by   amygarside
    Perhaps it would be better for your uncle to choose nursing homes that have more male patients than female. It is quite common to hear of news about male nurses 'sexually harrassing' female patients, even without having done so. This can seem very unfair for male nurses, but it is what usually happens. That's why it might be better for your uncle not to continue to work there if there is a big chance that he might get accused of something that will only make his job more stressful.
  5. by   GitanoRN
    at this level, at times i'm ashamed how society is so quick with sexual allegations even without any proof. having said that, gender discrimination in the workplace is not a thing of the past it is still prevalent in the workforce today. in fact recent claims of individuals today have experienced some form of discrimination based on their sex. unquestionably, in a couple occasions i had to deal with this monster in the closet,with my staff at several medical facilities in the past. undoubtedly, it is a "taboo" subject at any given facility and it doesn't discriminate gender at the workforce, although is more prevalent with male's in the medical environment. therefore, i would suggest to your uncle to seek employment with any v.a. facility. wishing you and your uncle the best always in all of your future endeavors...aloha~
  6. by   VictoriaGayle
    Thats horrible!
    We had a few men working at the facility I use to work at. Most of the women understood that it wasn't sexual, but if they were uncomfortable or we thought there would be an issue, a female worker would either take care of that resident or be in the room to vouch for his innocence should something come up.

    I completely understand the residents reactions, they have the right to request a female worker. However the facility itself should have worked around that if it was possible.

    Its so odd, how a woman who is uncomfortable with a male CNA giving her a shower is imediately provided with a female CNA, but a man who doesn't want a female CNA can't get a male CNA to give him his showers.

    I think it would have been best if he had been incharge of showers/dressing for male residents, and he could help out with serving meals and transport for females. I'm sure some of the males enjoyed having a male CNA.