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The other day, our CNO and VP of Human Resources came to our unit to discuss issues and concerns we have regarding our unit, the hospital and our jobs. I brought up the topic of CEO compensation. ... Read More

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    To answer the question -what does a bedside nurse get when they get fired- ANSWER: NOTHING, luck if they can collect unemployment. and in this job market- if a new grad or an older nurse with over 20 yrs experience- lucky if they can find another position and it will be a long dry spell befor some comes up!!

    There used to be a name for people who made money off of wars- 'war profiteers' But only us oldies would remeber that- which is another reason why they are anxious to get rid of all of us. We know too much!!
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    Don't get me wrong- I am not against the active duty little enlisted who this is their only job in life being compensated money and health beneifits for their enlistment- The US governemnt/military IS their employer. The life of active duty military is very stressful and especially if they have a family

    What I am against is those like the CEO mentioned above. He is a war profiteer. He is making money off the war, he's greedy doesn't think his CEO pay is enough. Any reservist has another job inaddition to their reserve duty, which if not called to active duty, is only 1 weekend per month. This guy is a CEO- most assuridly has a Business degree or he would not be a CEO. He is not over in where ever he was- toting a gun looking for insurgents or hunting down burried bombs in a hummer- an IED hunter, that role is designated to the highly trained career military, which he is not. He is in some office on a military instilation shuffling papers for daily supplies and workforce assignments( administrative duty- he's the cpl Klinger or Radar and probably dressed up as such with his stockings and teddy bear) with the fan blowing on his greedy face. His most challenging task for the day is remembering to take his doxycycline for his malaria prophylaxis. This money monger is not getting shot at!! Although he deserves to be!!

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