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Hello, I'm looking into a career as an RN and I am just curious - Are nurses forced to assist abortions? I've heard recently of several nurses being forced to assist or they lose their job. Is this... Read More

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    In almost 30 years in OR I have never seen a nurse forced to participate in an abortion. However Ive had to care for patients who were forced to suffer for someone else's benefit. If you need to feel upright at all costs, don't pick nursing. It's a big, messy world and you'll see there's no way to avoid the repugnant at work.

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    Quote from fromthesea
    can you please link a source to this? i have never heard or read that before.

    the provisions i found on the site don't say that at all. in fact, they say that it will not preempt any current abortion laws and provides protection to HCPs who choose not to perform them.
    I would like to see an actual (legitimate) source for this, also. It's one of the more far-fetched things I've heard in a while.
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    IF you believe every hysterical email forwarded to you by a partisan group, then you might want believe that it's *possible* for hopsitals to be required to perform abortions, but you'd have to stretch credulity to the breaking point. That fearmongering is based on an email about the Freedom of Choice Act (which, I might add, never got out of committee). Just because someone recommended an ammendment doesn't mean all the what-ifs will happen, and it especially doesn't if the damn thing never even reached a vote.
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    Nevermind, I can't read. *sigh*
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    I think it is a legitimate question. I have deeply held personal and religious views on a particular form of elective adult surgery (I prefer not to specify). My school of nursing made it very clear that it was my job to avoid any position where that would be an issue. In 25 years of full time nursing employment, no problem.
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    PS, hospitals are not governmental agencies and so would be exempt from this, *if it were enacted*. Hey, look, a Catholic newspaper even agrees with me.
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    But wait! There's more.

    Listen, I do not disparage anyone for being anti-abortion or pro-choice. That's none of my business. But *get the facts* before putting that kind of stuff out there. I have friends and family firmly on both sides of the issues, and if EITHER side comes at me with unsubstantiated or patently false propoganda like the above, I exercise my abdominals by laughing hysterically. People are passionate about the issue on both sides. That doesn't excuse spreading lies.

    But back to the OP, no, you cannot be forced to assist in an abortion. You CAN be forced to care for a pt who is s/p abortion, and you should do so without the incentive of keeping your job. It's just plain ethical.
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    Thank you all for your answers. Very helpful.
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    It's kind of like the same idea of the certain pharmacists that refuse to fill birth control pills because of their beliefs.

    Also are the same nurses that don't assist in performing abortions because of their beliefs, does the same thing apply in assisting patients that come in with an ectopic pregnancy? I am just curious.
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    I suspect not because you really can't argue that the health of the mother isn't in danger here. The Catholic church once would have said that if it were possible for the mother to carry to term but would have died during delivery, then she should, but I think that's been reversed. And since there have been successful ectopic pregnancies, there is some precedent for it. But. A tubal? No question it's a necessary medical procedure since it cannot produce a live fetus or mother.
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