Affordable Care Act Users Guide for Nurses - page 6

Sentiments run high regarding the Affordable care Act, but whether one supports the new law or believes it to be a case of government over-reach, the fact is that the ACA is now the law and as nurses... Read More

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    ... these facts.. seem to contradict each other...
    Yup, they do.
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    Quote from Sunflowerinsc
    A nurse is obligated to explain the ACA to my patient??? I've not seen that in my plan of care.
    We're not insurance brokers or legislators, and others in healthcare have a much more appropriate role for this task.
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    Quote from RN-Cardiac
    ... insurance coverage is not my business... I am there to give the best care I can...

    Bedside / clinical nursing have different foci than Social Services, insurance peddlers, healthcare attorneys, and legislators.
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    Politics aside, I really do like that people--especially children--with pre-existing conditions can get coverage now. From a logical and compassionate point of view, it seems like a no-brainer...from a political and economic view, maybe not, but I support more care for patients that actually need it.
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