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Any nurses in here with schizophrenia. i have been practicing for 2 yrs. and i work in ped private duty. i just wanted to know about others and the experiences you have had. how long have you practiced for? have you always... Read More

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    Thank you all for sharing. I think some people who have some understanding of schizophrenia believe the bast a person can do is live like John Nash in a very controlled environment focused on one thing. I have to admit that even though I know better sometimes my mind drifts back to the movie "A beautiful Mind". It still is hard to imagine nurses who multitask and deal with huge stressors able to manage this disease. It is obvious you do.

    it is so important to get this information out to everyone. Nurses are a good place to start.

    Thanks again.
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    did you have to go through a monitoring program kay 28? or did you not disclose? if so what was your experience with it?
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    Just a thank you. I work for the DMH here in Mass. I was talking with my sister (who also works for DMH) about the peer program that was instituted a few years ago. Put simply in psych we do our best,but we don't always understand what is going on in the patients minds. I had a thought at the time that there must be Nurses with schizophrenia out there.
    You are a valuable resource,not to mention a courage s person.
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