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I have been inactive for past 4 yrs. I am preparing to take a LPN refresher course in a few weeks, here. I have sarcoidosis, and it has been quiet and stabilized on meds. Of course, now my arthritis is flaring up!:banghead:... Read More

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    No I have not tried any herbal supplements. With all I have going on, including hypercoagulopathy, I am very leery about taking anything like that, wish I could. I stopped my Warfarin, Plavix and Pletal (yes, I need all three) for procedures 3 different times, each time led to either blood clots or arterial occlusion resulting in ischemic pain and necrosis--I have a Lt. BKA and a Rt. transmetatarsal amp. I SURE don't want to take chances on losing more.

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    Quote from Rascal1
    Have you found any herbal remedies to be of any help ?
    Not "herbal" per se, but my friend with OA reports good results with both fish oil and SAM-e. There is some evidence that SAMe is as effective as NSAIDs for joint pain. He gets it at Costco.

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