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Hello all! I am in serious need of help! I was fired from my first job as an RN at a local hospital. I was put on a ventilator/respiratory floor even though I told them my interest was more... Read More

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    I'm very sorry silent wolf. It looks like you fell in a trap called nursing. You were wrongfully terminated. Your boss used you as the scapegoat. Yes, you were basically backstabbed by your preceptor aka another nurse. That's how this field operates. Your eaten and spit back out so you can endure more pain. You must of fell for the lie that is nursing. You probably see what it's really like now. If i were you, i'd stop wasting anymore precious time and find a career that you'll enjoy. Nurses make 50-75k on avg. Accountants, Engineers, Computer Scientists, with similar degrees make the same if not a little bit more. There are plenty of choices and a lot of job with way less stress.
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    You were wrongfully discharged! First, the alarm may have malfunctioned and should have been evaluated by biomed or engineering. Most facilities are not even using alarms as CMS considers them a restraint, a passive restraint to be sure, but a restrained all the same.

    Secondly, you should have received instruction regarding occurrence reports in orientation AND been told your preceptors would walk you through the first one.

    That did not happen, so your ass of a manager compounded this poor excuse for orientation and preceptors, and actually retaliated against you!

    For heavens sake, people FALL. Even with alarms. I had one fall standing right next to me. We were standing at a window side by side and he simply toppled over. I could not turn fast enough to catch him and probably could have done nothing to prevent anyway as at the time I weighed 99 pounds at 4' 10" and he was 6' 3" and about 220 pounds. Went over like a downed tree. Got a lovely goose egg. And laid on the floor laughing. We found out he had a heart problem that caused it. Lucky he was not on his job at the time - he drove a semi!

    I think I'd find a labor lawyer. Unless you are employed in a 'work at will' state, in which case you may resign any time without giving a reason but they can also discharge you for no reason. Then you are screwed, because a labor lawyer can do you no good.
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    Silent wolves....I just happened to see this today...I see its a very old so sorry this happened to you. ... I have had some bad experiences before but nothing that crazy. I hope and pray that you have been able to recover from that. I just recently lost my job for no other reason than I worked with a female nurse who lied and they believed her over me....why ? Because managers always believe what they are told. Makes it easy to backstabb your coworkers. ...females are cold *******...male nurses never act like probably won't see this post but I was hoping that you were ok. I wish I could help. Ive been a nurse for 30 years and I have for most of that time regretted my choice of profession. It has sooooo many problems. You get treated like **** by just about everyone MDs, other nurses, patients, management. ....I havent figured out what im going to do yet...I would like to hear how you are doing now.
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    Hi tiredofthisRN! Things are a little improved... I got a job finally on a rehab floor in a nursing home. I've. Even there for 7 months now. It's been very hard, with my anxiety and worrying about getting fired again...
    i wish I had known more about nursing when I first got into it. Not sure I would have chosen it after all. Now my health issues are flaring up and I have no energy. I don't feel like I will last an entire year here to gain enough experience to find a quieter job... Don't know what else to do though, so just working and sleeping away my days off...

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