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Hello all! I am in serious need of help! I was fired from my first job as an RN at a local hospital. I was put on a ventilator/respiratory floor even though I told them my interest was more surgical based... In early... Read More

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    It truly sounds like the facility you were working for is a toxic environment. Nurses shouldn't be fired because a patient falls as there is no way to prevent that unless you have a nurse sitting by the bedside 24-7. A lot of bed alarms don't go off until the patients feet hit the floor and by that time its often too late if you are at the other end of the hall.That was an unfair firing based on the info you gave. If you aren't in a right to work might have a case. Personally I would NEVER disclose a disability to an employer....especially anything psychological as you will be stigmatized and possibly discriminated against.It is your ethical responsibility to assess your treatment. ...and evaluate your ability to deliver safe and effective nursing care. Keep your chin up...don't let this break your confidence. Keep trying to find your place. I worked in a hospital for several years where the community of nurses was very "high school"...politics were very toxic. I'm really enjoying my work in Home Health.
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    Dude, lots of people have a rough start in nursing. It can be from any number of things, some you can control, others you can't. Relocate if that's what it takes to get a job. Pray, believe in yourself, don't give up just because others don't believe in you.
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