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by VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN Guide | 5,815 Views | 30 Comments

Raise your hands: How many readers know that in addition to mothers and deceased war veterans, the month of May is dedicated to mental health awareness? Give yourself a gold star for the day if you were able to... Read More

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    Quote from Liddle Noodnik
    Wow, it's been a whole year already?! thank you for pulling this up. I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say!

    I am still not working as a nurse (history of bipolar and generalized anxiety disorder) - but am looking into doing some part time home health. We'll see. The confidence levels are pretty lowwwww....

    Thank you Viva xo
    I know what you mean about low confidence levels. I also am considering a part-time home health position and I'm nervous about possible doing patient care again, although I think I could handle the 1:1 with patients. I don't know. There was no Plan B when I took the surveyor job, and since that didn't work out I feel cast adrift. But I'll land on my feet like I always do, and so will you.

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