Injured on the job-very sad

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    I was injured on the job several years ago. I am now considered partially disabled. I have a lifting restriction which is holding me back from getting a lot of jobs. Plus now I can not stand on my legs for hours at a time, get up and down from a chair a million times a shift, and I have pain that radiates. People who I thought were my friends just disappeared because I lost everything. Meaning I had to surrender my home, my son moved out to his own place (actually a good thing, he is doing great), gave my best friend Ladybird to my brother, and my life seems so bleak.
    I am a go getter I took legal action. That is working out ok, but the road ahead of me is still filled with frustration and uncertainty. All my immediate needs are met. Thank God for that, but I just seem to have lost my mo-jo. I feel like I have post traumatic distress disorder. I sent a lot of resumes out. I am trying to get a home health case management job which I have worked at before. However, I am a bedside hospital nurse. It is tearing my self esteem apart and every day I wake up and say I have to accept that this is the way it is and how I am now.
    I can not divulge the details of what happened due to confidentiality clauses.
    Please be kind in your responses as I am very sensitive. I know I must suck it up and move on, but there are days it feels impossible.
    I am just looking for a few responses from any nurses who have been injured on the job and can not find a job that will accomodate them. This is where I think the problems lies. The companies that want to hire me want to know what happened and I think it is none of thier business. I am back in college..working diligently to complete it but the funds are running out. I am very scared and have many sleepless nights. I am not looking for anyone to help me continue to be a victim, just some friendly advice on how to keep going without dropping any more pieces of me or losing what dignity I have left.
    The crazy thing is...if it can happen to can happen to anyone.
    Thanks for reading my story.
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    I am not a nurse, but I know 2 nurses with back injuries who talk about becoming instructors. The other one I know of I think she is on disability and is going to or already has retired. I hope you can find something satisfying.
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    Thank you. I do not have a BSN. But they want the instructors to be able to lift. Already tried that..I have the experience and I am a education doctoral candidate. Going to be a college professor but not in nursing. But thanks anyway.
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    I'm afraid I don't have any advice to offer... I just wanted send some good vibes your way and say I am thinking about you... Bad things seem to happen to the best people.

    I know it is not much, but I am with you in spirit... sending many hugs through cyberspace and hoping you find the job you deserve
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    Thank you. I came to this site to vent, share, and help if I can. I keep it all bottled up and my family is sick of hearing about it. I figured there would be other health care providers who understand and could feel my pain. Thanks so much for the thoughts...
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    Have you ever considered staff development? Also there are a number of sites with financial assistance for nurses try HRSA.GOV/LOANSCHOLARSHIPS/SCHOLARSHIPS/NURSING
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    I feel for you.. I am in similiar situation. I have good days and bad days as for as pain and emotions. I am considering going back to school for an MSN ed to teach since I cannot do bedside nursing.. and I miss the ED (been over a year now!), and was often told by collegues, paradmedics, etc that I should consider teaching. I too am isolated - it is amazing to learn who your true "friends" are when you become seriously injured - especially in the working environment. (lifting injury - lumbar, cervical and right sacroilliac that required surgery and now left with residual issues).

    I did get my certification as a CLNC (certified legal nurse consultant) and started my own consulting practice ironically the year I was injured.. but you have to market alot (can be costly on pocket, time and emotions depending on your stamina), and it is feast or famine.. not a dependable income, and you are your own boss, so you have to pay your benefits as well. There are pros and cons to doing this kind of work... but no lifting.

    I do recommend that you get involved with whatever faith community you can in your area.. without some kind of outlet, and place you feel welcomed, and a place you can personally seek acceptance and at times guidance.. you may continue to sit in that pit. Professional counseling can also be of great service in helping you seek answers, and find your passion again.
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    To ERNeck,
    Thank you for your response. I already have the faith issue under control. I am taking a break from working on my doctorate of education. I just finished two seven week classes. I need to go to work. Looking to do some home health, but gas is crazy and my car is getting older. I like home health because you can make your own schedule most of the time. I think for me the hardest thing is just accepting that my beside career is over. I could take a huge risk and ask the Dr. to lift the lifting restriction and go back and try to do bedside nursing. The hospital I was employed at sent one time to a clinic to work and I did not make it the whole two weeks. They put my station at the end of the hall and I had to limp for like five hours back and forth. Then the manager told HR that it was my choice. I was like choice? I never was never asked to chose. I feel I have been extremely mistreated by my employer. I was told not to return back to work until I was restriction free. Well, I took my restrictions to the occupational Dr. and I never returned to work. I was terminated. Not good. So, I am looking for closer and want to move on with my life. Thanks for the ideas and support. It is greatly appreciated.
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    Quote from nurse.sandi
    I was injured on the job several years ago. I am now considered partially disabled....The crazy thing is...if it can happen to can happen to anyone.
    Of course it can. hopefully in these times everyone is cognizant of this. Have a hug.

    I can indeed think of something you can try - telehealth. it's all the upcoming rage now, particularly in rural areas. there's also insurance companies that hire nurses to review claims, do education and man hotlines. Check into those things.
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    Thank you. I have not heard any of my nursing friends or ex coworkers acknowledge that it could happen to them. Thank you again. I needed that.
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