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I have had ADHD and bipolar probably all my life but was high functioning at work so I was not diagnosed/treated until I was ~ 40 y/o. My symptoms are stable. A little over ten years ago I had to stop working because I had... Read More

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    I am in a situation where the board found out I am bipolar, requested and demanded records from my doctor, invaded my privacy and had me submit to a 5.5 medical examination in which I suffered debilitating physical symptoms as a result of not having enough breaks or any food during the exam. The doctor did not address my physical needs while or during the exam and I suffered for the next three days after. They are suspending my license and suggesting I go into a monitoring program and go on probation. I find this discriminating especially since I am compliant on medication, my doctor says I am stable and I believe the doctor is negligent in not taking care of my physical needs while interrogating me endlessly. My only recourse is to go before the board, state my case or seek legal counsel for malpractice and/or discrimination.

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    If you didn't disclose your illness on the license application, how in the world did the BON find out about the bipolar? As far as I know, they are not allowed to just plow through candidates' medical histories to dig up dirt on them....if they were, there'd probably be no nurses!

    This is definitely a case for the best legal counsel you can find; tangling with the BON is not for the faint of heart or the novice. Unfortunately, we're nurses, not attorneys, and we cannot advise you on legal matters. Please get a lawyer and keep us posted on how things are going for you.

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