A Disabled Nurse, is there hope? - page 2

I would think so! What about checking out the "phone triage" jobs that many RN's fill. It would involve taking a designated number of shifts on call for answering the phone regarding a wide array of health related questions. I... Read More

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    Dogwood you are amazing! Career, I don't understand why, if people are on SSDI, they can't get the help they need. One day my hubby will be in a wheelchair because of his Degenerative Disk Diease. I have MS and Crohn's diease. I tried going on SSD, but my husband and I make too much money for us to get Medicaid and Medicare won't pay for everything.Everyday I am sick to my stomach, in pain afraid I I am going to have a "code Brown" at work and I had to take a week off without pay( no benefits) and I am paying $600 a month for COBRA. Sorry for complaining, I am soo depressed!

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