Can not use electronic stethoscope for boards

  1. I just started a CAN school this past weekend. I am 100% deaf in my one ear and have a hearing lose of 50-60% in the other ear. I told my two teachers about it and asked if I could please use my electronic stethoscope with Ambient Noise Reduction. She told me that I could not use because I would not be able to use it when I take boards. The school gave us nice stethoscopes to have, so I used it and can somewhat hear out of it. I then had to use the Dual Head Teaching stethoscope in skills lab and could not hear ANY thing out of it. Does anyone know what I can do? Any help is needed as I take boards in six weeks. Thanks
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  3. by   HeartsOpenWide
    If you have a documented disability the boards have to accommodate you. Did you fill out the disability forms and have a doctor fill out his portion with this? It sounds like you didn't since your boards are in 6 weeks, it is probably too late to send the forms in now; unless maybe you postpone your test date. I have a documented learning disability. I was told that I might have to wait extra time (like a few months) in order to get a private/noise free room; I just made a note that if this was going to be the case I would opt out of the private may take extra time for your disability as well. Are there heart sounds on the boards?
  4. by   imacna2be
    I was not aware of an form of document that the board has. I will look into that and see if its to late. I do have heart sounds on boards. Right now we ar working on b/p's. I have done that for years now with the littman 3000 just fine. I'm just a little worried that I will not make it and my goal is to be an RN. I will look into the forms for boards. Thanks
  5. by   stephiec
    You can get a form filled out and they have to accomidate you. I am going through that process right now to get my form filled out. I too can not hear a thing out of the dual and HAVE to use mine otherwise I do not hear a thing.
  6. by   athena55
    Americans with Disability Act!
    Go to your disability student office in your school, or the 501 Officer, or the EEO Officer...And become informed of your rights. If you don't have those Officer's or departments in your school then go to: <--- updated info on the ADA <--- U.S. Department of Justice
  7. by   Oorah
    What everyone else said. If you are legit disabled and its documented, you can and must be allowed to use all equipment pertaining to your disability. They have to let you, if not its discrimination and they know it. They obviously have no idea what they are talking about. Stand your ground, you have right in this matter. And the law is on YOUR SIDE.