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  1. I would tell them the same thing I tell the old battle axes I have to deal with: If I'm not getting half of your paycheck.... I'm not doing half of your work. Do it yourself. I have enough to do, thanks.
  2. Oorah

    Hospital CEO's way of preventing lay-offs

    Wow, there is a God. I am floored. A CEO who actually cares. Is anyone ice skating in Hell right now? LOL
  3. Oorah

    Already Have A BA, Getting ADN

    You might want to look into an accelerated BSN program. They are usually around 18 mo- 2 years, and when you are done you have a BSN instead of a ADN. These programs are technically designed for people who have BS "in a related field", which is a bunch of ho-hum since they are letting people in with business degrees around here. If you have decent grades and can handle the workload that might be the fastest route for a BSN for you.
  4. Oorah

    Can not use electronic stethoscope for boards

    What everyone else said. If you are legit disabled and its documented, you can and must be allowed to use all equipment pertaining to your disability. They have to let you, if not its discrimination and they know it. They obviously have no idea what they are talking about. Stand your ground, you have right in this matter. And the law is on YOUR SIDE.
  5. Fake nails are disgusting for a nurse to have because of all of the bacteria, constant hand washing, and all other features that working as a nurse entails. You should absolutely not have fake nails.... ever. Not only is it just gross to think about, its actually a safety issue for you and the patients.
  6. Oorah

    A little humor. You might be from Illinois if...

    Its ok, the rest of us that don't live in Chicago don't even consider Chicago and the surrounding areas a part of Illinois either. Especially when, for half of the state its closer, and more fun to go to STL than it is to drive 4 hours to Chicago...... And its half as fun. I mean Cubs/Bears vs. Cards/Rams. Seriously? Is it even a ? Go cards.
  7. Well I can't really pass judgment on the alcohol, b/c I love my beer, and it loves me. But if she smokes weed too.... She is just an idiot. Having said that, I personally believe that weed is much safer than alcohol overall, and should and pretty much will be legal sooner rather than later. Even though I never touch the stuff since I am 1.) Allergic to leaf smoke, as in cigarettes, weed, leaf burning in the fall etc. 2.) Not a big fan of losing my job over something lame like smoking weed. But like everyone said, she's basically the dumbest person ever for showing up to a drug test that way. And until they make weed legal, it isn't. So NO SOUP FOR YOU. Give someone else a chance. She blew hers.
  8. Oorah

    Best Way to Learn Spanish?

    A +1 for using Rosetta Stone. All others pale in comparison. Books are useless, drill based junk 99% of the time. I learned Arabic with Rosetta Stone in about 6 months. So I'm pretty sure you can learn something as easy as Spanish with it. OR.... make some mexican friends. I learned alot of Espanol from all of the mexican, and a few south american Marines I worked with. Most are very friendly, accomodating, hard working, and kind people.
  9. Most people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, or are just complete and udder morons. Haven't you managed to figure that one out yet boys and girls. Sheeple just repeat what they hear from their brother's friend's uncle's sister's roommate. I personally think the amount of time preparation and workload that nursing students go through just to get an RN cert is darn near insane. Needed, a must, most resoundingly yes. We are dealing with people's lives on a daily basis. If we don't know our meds: people can die. If you slip up and chart things incompletely/incorrectly: people can die. We are trained hard, which is good. Practice like you play, I was always taught.
  10. Yep- Its called the "blood choke". I take it you never watch UFC? LOL. Who knew that military training would yield answers to nursing questions. LOL
  11. Oorah

    This kind of irked me !

    1.) Lighten up 2.) If that really bothered you all that much you better develop alot thicker skin than that really quick or you're going to hate life as a nurse. 3.) People will always irk you. Its what they do. 4.) If this really bothered you enough to come and post it, you should be happy, because you obviously have no real problems.
  12. Oorah

    Need encouragement and advice

    Most, if not all people have trouble with AP. Honestly, if you are having that much trouble, and by no means am I telling you to quit, maybe you should finish that class and other difficult prereqs before continuing. I didn't do it that way at all and it was a constant struggle. All of your grades suffer because of it. AP just takes T-I-M-E. Our teacher told us that you MUST devote 3 hours/day, every day to studying AP if you wanted to pass. But talk to the people who are doing well in the class. Do the flash cards. Do the online study things. Get the analogy study manuals. Worksheets. Find out what works best for you as a student. I had a hard time in nursing classes because I have never been a reader. I have always been an auditory learner. Tell me, teach me, show me..... I will remember. Make me read it and give me a test over it..... huge F. Balance out your time if you can. If you are doing great in other classes, spend less time on them. You may end up with a bunch of C's, and you may not want that at all, but hey thats how it is sometimes if you want to pass all your classes. I know it sounds insane, but if thats the only way to get thru it and graduate for you... more power to you. You will still end up a great nurse eventually.
  13. I have always tried to be as nice as I can, but when you have a bunch of patients, and the family/friends are in the way or interfering with the patients recovery/treatment in any way..... Its time for them to go. I have been told I would be fired 10 times already by mgmt. I honestly could care less. I'm here to work, and treat people who need treatment. Not go get someones friend/wife/whatever a soda from down the hall or anything else of that nature. I absolutely will not be intimidated by anyone, as I have stared in the faces of people who have actually tried to kill me while I was in the USMC. I have had several people in my face and I ask them to back up, and when that doesn't work (NEVER DOES) I tell them to back the hell up in a very serious manner, which tends to be more direct and works well. It would have made my day if that guy would have pulled that knife on me. I would have been forced to take it away from him and beat him senseless with the handle of it.... Then bandaged him up while we talked about why he shouldn't have done that. Don't take crap off of people, life is too short to deal with their crap.
  14. Oorah

    How're your backs doing guys?

    Wrists, shoulders, neck, knees, back, ankles and elbows take turns hurting whenever they feel like it. A good day is when I wake up and only 1 of them hurts a little bit. Blame it on the sports, powerlifting, or all the crazy Marine Corps stuff I've done..... Its all pretty much shot. And I'm only 27, I still lift weights about 4-5 days/ week. Doesn't really phase me anymore since I am just used to it, and I have a naturally high tolerance for pain. Oh well, beats being loaded up on Vicodin to get thru the day.
  15. Oorah

    Predominately White Shoes....

    Right now, Finish Line has Nike Shox in the clearance section online for $80. That might be high for you, but they are closed cell with no mesh, and they are most white, with a little silver. I just got them. I already went thru 2 other pairs of shox, black ones for normal use and white ones for work/school. I love em, they are awesome. They really seem to help me since I can't be standing in one spot for a long period of time. I realized its not the walking that kills me, its the standing in one place for 5 minutes X 50 times/day. Nike Shox. Best shoes ever.
  16. Oorah

    Mom & Dad were right: I'm a screw-up

    Welcome to the difference between book smart and world smart. Some people are book smart can tell you everything about everything, but can't screw in a lightbulb. Some guys are dumb as a brick, but are the best motor T mechanics I have ever seen. And finally, some people get a nice mixture of both. Being able to apply your knowledge of what to do is key. You absolutely have to do things the correct way 100% of the time. Work on it. Practice. Don't just read it, practice. You'll get better, its not all that bad. Talk to the teachers and let them know whats going on. They will help you out.